Alexander Sadovsky: "In sports as in life – trifles don't happen"

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This year in the budget of the Nikolaev area deputies and the regional state administration brought point on assignment for acquisition of a sports equipment.

- This year we very well worked in respect of acquisition of a sports equipment, - the head of department concerning a family, youth and sports Nikolaev YEAH Alexander Sadovsky told the correspondent of "N News". - Now we continue it to get. Today there were no vital issues in training of athletes for various competitions, the championships, including and training of athletes for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Thus he noted that athletes carried out collecting not only in Nikolaev, but also on departures. However, there is a set of the problems connected with their financing.

- It seems, money allocated much, but for 10 years of anything global it wasn't got, - Alexander Vitalyevich continued. - From - for it we were rejected very far. And that we got today are single options which don't solve a common problem. If boats, not in a single copy, and tens are necessary to us, the same concerns sails, oars and many other. These gaps can't be closed single purchases.

Before the Olympic Games 2008 the hole for jumps and the boat was bought. The boat bought universal and it can be used as a steam room and as oar (on one person). As for a hole, it also can serve some years, and here at the expiration date is cheerful no more than a year.

Today oarsmen - kayakers also faced a problem - they have no boat - a kayak for four. The cost of such boats is various - everything depends on quality and the producer. On the average the boat - the four on which it is possible to act adequately, can cost to athletes 20 thousand euros.

Also the sports hall issue for fencers is now resolved - he demands capital repairs. But even after the won gold our girls, it don't hurry to repair.

- With the sports hall in which our Olympic champions now train, there is a problem, - Alexander Sadovsky reported, - the fencing school treats the city budget.And here the building in which it is located, is in regional submission and belongs to Department of education. We in return, according to the budgetary code, have no right to spend for it any kopek. There it is necessary to do reconstruction. But when I addressed about it to the governor, he to us set the task - to return the sports hall "Narim" to athletes.

This hall isn't used for designated purpose today - it is leased. Negotiations on cancellation of the lease agreement and transfer to his athletes are now conducted.

Once in this hall such sport, as trampolining started developing. But after experts told that its level very low, was decided to transfer a hall to fencers.

Besides building return to "Narim's" athletes capital repairs of a facade of chess club are at present conducted, in yachts - club in one of buildings the roof was repaired. Also the roof in FOKE on the Alluvium is under repair.
Repair of chess club will cost 400 thousand UAH, on yachts - club 325 thousand UAH are allocated. Repair of FOKA requires 300 thousand UAH, but now for these purposes allocated only 95 thousand UAH


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