In Nikolaev 24 markets and 2,6 thousand shops of retail trade

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Increasing needs of nikolayevets for various goods have impact on dynamic development of retail trade in the regional center. On the one hand, fast rates the network of big trade objects in the form of super develops - and hypermarkets, from another - in the consumer market near a network of the enterprises - legal entities the extensive network of natural persons - businessmen successfully functions. Today it by 13 times exceeds a network of objects which belong to the enterprises - legal entities, and totals over 12,7 thousand units.
In total in Nikolaev 2,6 thousand shops that makes 36% of an all-regional indicator, 7,3 thousand booths (67,3%) work, 3,7 thousand objects of semiportable trade out of shops (sale from trays, tents, apportions, leased sections, 54%), are reported by Tatyana Proskurova, the economist of department of statistics of retail trade of Management of statistics.
Besides, 24 markets, or a third of the markets of the region operate on the territory of the regional center.
For January - June, 2008 the turnover of retail trade of Nikolaev (includes retail commodity turnover of the enterprises of retail trade, volumes of sale of goods in the markets and natural persons - businessmen) made 3,3 billion UAH and for 26% exceeded last year's level. In structure of a turn of retail trade of the regional center of 56% I occupied commodity turnover of retail network of the enterprises - legal entities which made 1,8 billion UAH and in comparison with the similar period of last year I increased almost on a third. The increase in volumes of retail commodity turnover is connected with noticeable strengthening of influence on a situation in this sphere of the enterprises which have motor shows and supermarkets on balance.


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