In "Mogilyanke" the Ambassador of Poland told about EU, NATO and about a position of Poland relatively российско - the Georgian conflict

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On October 3 the Nikolaev state humanities university of a name of Pyotr Mogila was visited by the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine mister Jacek Klyuchkovsky. This day the Ambassador met the rector of NGGU of a name of Pyotr Mogila L. Klimenko and students in a reading room of university.

At the beginning of a meeting with students Jacek Klyuchkovsky noted that between Poland and Ukraine the close political and economic relations are improved, cooperation in the field of economy, trade and health care develops. Important point is that fact that commodity turnover increased by 70% between the countries and according to forecasts of experts, further it will grow still. Between NGGU of a name of Pyotr Mogila and the Polish universities for many years active scientific cooperation is conducted, the Polish presence at university is felt and has constant character. About it reports a press - name P service NGGU. Graves.

Answering a question of students concerning a position of Poland relatively российско - the Georgian conflict, mister Posol noted that recognition of a territorial integralnost of Georgia has to be the beginning of negotiations between these states from the legal point of view.

Concerning what changes happened after the entry of Poland into EU and NATO, Jacek Klyuchkovsky emphasized that joining of Poland to the European and euroatlantic structures corresponded to wishes and expectations of the vast majority of Poles, but at the same time demanded considerable efforts. It should be noted that public support of a course of Poland on the euroatlantic integration always was very high that actually forced the country leaders to take concrete steps in this direction. The accession to EU yielded as a whole mainly positive results as in the European space there is a uniform market thanks to what export of Poland annually grows for 20-30%, gross domestic product and thanks to what the economy is modernized increases.Agricultural producers receive grants and financial support though at first they were afraid that their production will be noncompetitive. Speaking about negative aspects of membership in EU, mister Posol allocated that moment that after the uniform labor market opened, at once there was a notable problem of a lack of labor as there was a labor emigration of Poles to richer EU countries. Answering the number of questions, concerning integration with NATO, Jacek Klyuchkovsky noted that when in 1999 Poland entered North Atlantic alliance, it was first of all the political choice caused by desire to be among the countries which divide the European values. Today membership in NATO is very important for the country and it is regarded by Poles as a guarantee of full safety of Poland.

At the end of a meeting the rector L. Klimenko thanked mister Jacek Klyuchkovsky for visit to NGGU of a name of Pyotr Mogila and noted that at university sufficient practical experience and scientific potential for transition to qualitatively new stage of cooperation with the Polish colleagues is saved up.


The Nikolaev state humanities university of a name of Pyotr Mogila signed contracts on cooperation with the following higher educational institutions of the Republic of Poland:

- Zheshuvsky university of a name of the Queen Yadvigi (Rzeszow).

- Silesian university (Katowice).

- Chair of an ukrainovedeniye of Yagellonsky university (Krakow).

- Lublin Catholic university (Lublin).

- Shchetsinsky university (Szczecin).

Regularly at university pass meetings with representatives of Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Odessa and the Nikolaev society of Poles. Annually (since 2006) about 10 students of NGGU of a name of Pyotr Mogila visit Poland for occupations at summer schools on Polish studying. Students of university are participants of numerous youth forums who pass in Poland. For many years in NGGU of a name of Pyotr Mogila Polish Center where everyone students have opportunity to learn Polish works.


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