In Nikolaev the tender for design of construction of a dyuker

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The tender for carrying out project works on construction of a dyuker for providing Korenikhi and Varvarovki in Nikolaev won the Ukrdorproyekt institute which representative is the former chief architect of the city Oleg Starushko.

As reports Department zhilishchno - municipal services of Nikolaev, the first sketches are already made by designers. There is an arrangement with geological service about prospecting works on studying of underwater soil. It is the most expensive part of the project. And the project for 900 thousand UAH

is planned to execute all

The city authorities set the task to finish design this year therefore all underwater works need to be performed in this navigation before approach ледостава. But for more detailed calculations of a design of a dyuker technical conditions from all organizations which are connected with operation of a ship canal and responsible for safety of water resources are necessary.

Oleg Starushko - the representative of institute - invited all services to speak possibility of trace of a conduit through a levanevsky braid on the Alluvium perpendicularly on the right coast with an exit between dachas and B. Korenikhi's residential development. On the high coast it will be necessary to establish pump station from which it will be convenient to pump water both in Korenikhu, and in Varvarovka.

Dyuker - the difficult hydraulic engineering construction. General extent of a conduit allegedly 2 000 m. Two strings of the pipes with a diameter of 400 mm laid on a basis will pass by land and 1350 m will be under water. Radius of a deflection will depend on what depth will specify the pilot service that pipes didn't disturb a passage of the vessels from plant of 61 Communard.

Data of geology will allow to calculate basis power. The project has to be coordinated with the transport Ministry that can tighten completion of work on the approval of the project.

Similar projects are already realized in the Crimea. Implementation of the Nikolaev project will depend on, whether there will be in the city budget money for construction. At present inflation even it is difficult to assume the final cost of works. But previously the cost of construction is estimated about 20 million UAH


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