The Nikolaev agricultural enterprises realized agrarian production for the sum more than 1 billion hryvnias

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In 9 months 2008 by the agricultural enterprises of area it was realized agrarian production of own production for the sum of 1016,4 million UAH of which the cost of production of plant growing made 82,0%, animal husbandry - 18,0%.

In comparison with January - September, 2007 the total amount of realization increased by 43,7%, including plant growing production - for 53,5%, animal husbandry production - for 2,5%. Volumes of realization of grain crops and vegetables increased more than twice, eggs - by 42,1%, fruits and berries - for 31,3%, potatoes - for 18,7%, grapes - for 13,6%, wool - for 2,9%. Nevertheless, volumes of realization of sunflower (decreased by 58,2%), vegetable oil (for 52,9%), cattle and a bird in live weight (for 17,3%), sugar (for 9,5%), melon cultures (for 2,7%), milk and dairy products (for 1,8%).

The most attractive channel of sale of agrarian production commercial structures and other enterprises on which agricultural producers received 76,3% of monetary revenue still have its realization.

Sale of grain crops and sunflower of which 60,4% and 10,3% of all sales proceeds were the share was the main source of receipt of means.

The average prices of sale of agrarian production in January - September 2008года in comparison with January - raised by the agricultural enterprises for all channels of realization by 23,9%, including for plant growing production - for 17,6%, on animal husbandry production - for 63,8% September, 2007. It should be noted quite substantial increase of the price of vegetable oil (twice more, than in 9 months of last year), cattle and a bird (for 89,3%), grapes (for 74,7%), sunflower (for 62,1%), eggs (for 61,7%). Average prices of milk and dairy products increased by 34,9%, melon cultures - for 29,6%, grain crops - for 15,2%, sugar - for 12,1%.


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