Galchinsky: Population losses from revaluation to hryvnia will reach 1 billion dollars

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Population losses from revaluation to hryvnia will reach about 1 billion dollars, professor of Institute of strategic estimates Anatoly Galchinsky warned. Besides, in his opinion, disproportions between export and import considerably will go deep.

"Considering a problem of timeliness of carried-out revaluation to hryvnia, it is necessary to consider and the catastrophic growth of deficiency of trade balance: export of goods increased in the first quarter of the current year for 28,9%, and import - for 44,5%. With carrying out revaluation the corresponding disproportions will go deep even more", - the expert considers.

He warned that losses of the Ukrainian exporters taking into account the carried-out revaluation considerably will grow.

"In 2007 export of goods and services made 64 billion dollars, thus, it is a question of the sum of losses, a component nearly 2,56 billion dollars", - Galchinsky noticed.

Besides, according to the expert, it is necessary to consider and possible depreciation of extra bank savings of the population which are nominated in a dollar equivalent.

"It is a question of depreciation of assets of the natural persons who are totally making about 22-24 billion dollars. Taking into account four percent revaluation of loss only for the population will reach about 1 billion dollars", - Anatoly Galchinsky declared.


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