83 percent of inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina are satisfied with level of the income?

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Lately all of us the questions of social character concerning improvement of quality of life, in particular, material welfare of the family and the state as a whole very much disturb and interest. We gradually learn to consider diligent and rationally to use the earned money and, respectively, to do a self-assessment of the family budget.

Answers to some of these questions were received by bodies of the state statistics following the results of modular survey of respondents concerning an assessment of level of their material security conducted in January, 2008. 316 households of Nikolayevshchina took part in inspection.

Results of poll showed that 83% of respondents estimated level of the income as sufficient, and it is the highest rate for the last five years, 15,8% - had the sufficient income for normal food, but limited itself in consumption of nonfoods and services, and - sufficient nutrition wasn't possible to provide 1,2% even. Concerning dynamics of specific weight of households which constantly refused to itself the most necessary, except food, it fluctuated from 52,5% in 2002 to 15,8% in 2007

Proceeding from level of the income and subjective opinion concerning the financial position, 2,1% of the interrogated respondents - households of Nikolayevshchina enlisted themselves to representatives of middle class, 16,8% - to rather well-to-do, but yet representatives of middle class, and the prevailing majority of 81,1% - to poor. To a great regret, none of respondents didn't carry itself(himself) to prosperous segments of the population.


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