On ChSZ отмечаот the competition from the Chinese shipyards

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At the largest Ukrainian shipbuilding plants build only cases of vessels.

So, at the Kherson Shipbuilding Plant (KSP) - is a part "Holding Smart" of Vadim Novinsky - build cases of tankers, bulk carriers, ferry vessels and vessels - suppliers. At shipbuilding plant "Gulf" (it is controlled by Finance and Credit group of Konstantin Zhevago) now in construction there are a bulk carrier and two container carriers by request of the Dutch company Damen Shipyards and oil and gas a vessel for the Norwegian company "Ulstayn". Both called plants plan to switch over over time from construction of cases to production of complete vessels.

The competition today, according to the chairman of the supervisory board "Shipbuilding plant Nikolay Kuzmenko's "Gulf", plant tests from HSZ, "Ocean" (it is controlled Russian by "The federal leasing company") and East European vessels - construction plants.

As for HSZ, it sees the competitors only in Hugo's shipbuilders - East Asia. "90% of world shipbuilding are concentrated on shipyards of Japan, China and Korea. Our main competitors - there", - the director general of HSZ Vasily Fedin told.

Are solidary with representatives of HSZ at the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant (BSSP) which is a part of the Kherson enterprise. The head a press - services ChSZ Maxim Golovin noted the competition from the Chinese shipyards. However, according to him, in present conditions plant competitors, and how to finance production of cases disturb not. Now in construction - cases of two bulk carriers for Damen Shipyards. "The customer can't transfer money, and banks can't increase crediting volume. All hope for the investor ("the Smart Holding")", - Maxim Golovin noted.

In a portfolio of ship-building orders of HSZ, ChSZ and "Gulf" orders of the European and offshore companies dominate. Whereas specializing on construction it is large - and medium-tonnage vessels the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant known as "Ocean", carries out orders for fleet of Ukraine. Today and this plant also builds only cases of vessels though quite recently, at the former owner, it let out complete vessels.Now the ex-the owner of "Ocean" of Damen Shipyards Bergum provides with orders for construction of cases other Ukrainian shipbuilding plants.

Nikolaev "Ocean" since spring actually is under control of Russians (the FLC West company registered in Luxembourg controlled by Andrey Burlakov and Evgeny Zaritsky) and it is already renamed from "Damen Shipyards Okean" into Wadan Yards Okean.

Also in the near future "Gulf" plans to be engaged in construction of heavy-tonnage vessels for the Ukrainian customer. In plans - creation of a series of vessels for transportation of goods in embankment and in bulk (bulk ships) for business - Konstantin Zhevago's structures. The first vessel of this series with a loading capacity of 175 thousand tons has to be floated in 2011.


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