"Faina's" owners demand to truncate Karpacheva's long tongue

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Negotiations on release from captivity of pirates of Somalia of the vessel "Faina" are threatened, owners of a vessel declared today.

As transfers ITAR - TASS, in the statement widespread in the Internet the management of the Odessa company "Timeks Tim" which possesses a vessel, noted that process of negotiations "is again threatened by attempts of intervention of other parties".

It is a question of efforts of the authorized Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights of Nina Karpacheva who arrived to Kenya next to Somalia and goes, by words "Timeks Tim", on "uncoordinated attempts to begin own negotiations with pirates".

The squadron comes nearer to a place of deduction by "Faina's" pirates in Hobyo's Somali port from seven fighting ships of NATO, and also the patrol ship of the Baltic fleet "Fearless" in addition to ships of Naval Forces of the USA already available there.

As it was reported, on September 25 pirates took at coast of Somalia the vessel "Faina", as a part of which crew - 17 citizens of Ukraine. Onboard a vessel - 33 tanks T-72, grenade launchers, antiaircraft installations and ammunition which Ukraine sold to Kenya.

The vessel is under supervision of several American ships, which task - not to allow weapon unloading on the coast.

Pirates, according to different data, demand from 8 to 20 million dollars of repayment for seamen.


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