From the employment center – in businessmen

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52 persons who were on the account in the Central center of employment this year, became businessmen, having had the corresponding training and having received then the disposable monetary help with unemployment. Those who, having remained without work have such opportunity to organize the enterprise, addressed in the regional center of employment, but didn't find for itself suitable vacancy. However, not all unemployed seek to become businessmen.

For October 1 on the account in the center 2233 faces from among unoccupied work from which 42% - workers, 46% - employees and 12% of citizens which at all have no profession or performed the work which isn't demanding special preparation consisted. On social composition the nikolayevets standing on the account, are divided so: 63,4% are women, 49,9% - youth aged till 35 years. And all in job searches in 2008 in the Central center of employment 1729 people addressed.

Staff of the center helped to find work practically to every second resident who has turned to experts in job searches.

It should be noted that the number of the persons compelled for an appreciable length of time to look for work increased recently. Problem makeshift employees of the center of employment call the device them on so-called subsidized workplaces. In this case the grant is a fund of obligatory state social insurance on a case from unemployment which are provided to the employer for creation of additional workplaces.

From total number of the persons which have found work - 60% of the unemployed were employed on subsidized workplaces. It is interesting that 23 persons from this number are socially unprotected citizens, in particular, women with children to 6 years, graduates of higher educational institutions, persons of pre-retirement age, and also 5 physically disabled people.

At public works which are temporary employment and, as a rule, don't demand from working high qualification, since the beginning of year 510 people were occupied.

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