The shipbuilding plant "Liman" will complete super - the Empire yacht in 2009 - m to year

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The shipbuilding plant "Liman" will complete record super - the Empire yacht (length - 52 m) in 2009 - m of. The director general of JSC Shipbuilding Plant Liman Sergey Isakov reported about it.

- For last year on the yacht didn't curl in any way works as the owner had no sufficient sum to start works on completion, - Sergey Isakov notes. - Customer of completion of the yacht Aries Pacific Limited company, New Zealand. According to the contract, the term of performance of work on completion - 2 years. The total estimated cost of the similar yacht according to such project tens of millions euros. The case is at present completely created. We will install the bow-thruster, a shaft exit, the steering device is finished and the wheel feather is executed. Also we will execute case completion inside and we will make room sewing. We will install tanks for fresh and sewage, fuel. We will execute installation of carbon fiber masts. We will finish the cabin, we will mount pipelines, an electrical wiring, the engine, navigation equipment. Already there are works on development of an interior of rooms up to installation the plazmovykh of panels and the microwave oven.

"Empire" at the end of August 2007 moored to the mooring of shipbuilding plant "Liman" in Nikolaev.

It is the yacht in the future will be one of the longest in the world.

According to preliminary data "Empire" applies for entering into the Guinness Book of Records.

As the largest yacht with the case from a tree from existing in the world - "The White Eagle".

It has length of 26 meters.

Length of the Empires case makes 52 meters.

History of construction

Construction of the case of the Empire yacht was carried out in common by a shipyard No. 1 of the Navy of Russia (initial design, case construction) and the New Zealand company Dibley Marine (final design, sailing arms, equipment, finishing).

The New Zealand company Aries Pacific Limited is engaged in coordination of the project.

The case of the Empire yacht was made on Ship-building Shipyard No. 1 of the Navy of the Russian Federation of Lazarevskoye of the district of the city of Sochi. I became result of work of Russians laminated 52-x the meter case.Approximately from the moment of signing of the contract and the beginning of development of the project passed about 8 years, the case was under construction within 5 years. The last 2 years the boat stood without completions.

The case is made of the Caucasian oak. Its wood in itself very resistant to processes of natural aging. For example, the case from steel is rather durable - 25-30 years, but a vessel of such class from the Caucasian oak serves more than 50-ти years at the corresponding leaving.

- Previously at plant there was a representative from the New Zealand company, - Sergey Isakov tells. - It was pleasant to it quality of sewing of yachts already made by us. On the Black Sea only Turks compete with us. And, for example, to France would be problematic to transport the boat. Besides French create boats from scratch, and they don't deal with completions. From the Lazarevsky shipyard to us on a straight line of 500-600 miles. Here "Estuary" also secured this order.

General characteristics

"Empire" has the double-deck case with a wooden external covering. Case length without a bowsprit of 45,9 m, width - 8,6 m. The settlement mass of the case - about 200 tons, without a ballast. The ballast with a gross weight about 60 tons is gathered from lead blocks and located in kilevy part of the case.

Basis of a design of the case is the all-welded metal bookmark from stainless steel 12X18H9 (it is welded from separate sections on a building berth by electric welding with the subsequent defectoscopy of all seams). The bookmark represents united in a uniform design a stem, anchor клюзы, Kiel, ахтерштевень, контртимберс with a helm port pipe for Baller of a wheel and florae for fastening to a laying of other set of the case.

Except the metal bookmark, all other set wooden. Frames, бимсы, free bars, Stringer, carlings - at which production it was used KronoStar laminate, representing stuck together among themselves phenol - formaldehyde glue oak laths. In a set boards from healthy wood, without knots, cracks and the damages, dried up and sustained under natural conditions within eight years are used only.

Now the main case of the yacht пошпаклеван also is covered with a primer. It is supposed that the underwater part will be red color, and surface - is dark - blue. The main finishing of the yacht according to the preliminary project - mahogany and sweet cherry.

Planning of the yacht assumes a big cabin of the owner, two guest cabins with double and two cabins with king size beds. Plus two salons: main salon and salon of the navigation cabin. In the nasal block there will be the galley, three cabins for command structure and two four-seater cabins for command structure.

Passengers on the yacht can comfortably be to 16 people: from 6 to 10 people of vacationers and to 8 people of the service personnel and yacht crew.

Two walking boats and one saving boat are also provided. They will go down by means of yards which will be established on a mast.

Sailing arms

The rigging both sailing arms and Empire yacht masts are only projected now, but the general principles are already clear. The vessel will be a two-mast schooner. Both masts will make of the coal plastic covered outside with a decorative layer "under a tree". The sufficient durability of masts necessary for execution of sails with a big area will be provided to these. At the same time the weight of masts approximately three times smaller, than it would be for classical wooden masts. Thanks to a decorative covering, masts will look wooden that will give to a schooner a classical look. Height a grotto - masts - 47 meters, фок - masts - 38 meters. The bases of masts lean on metal plates. Each mast in addition is kept by a standing rigging from stainless steel.

On predesigns, the total settlement area of windage makes 1032 square meters. The main set of sails includes: grotto - 373 sq.m., фок - 230 sq.m., Genoa - 308 sq.m., стаксель - 121 sq.m. Additional sails - the genaker, an asymmetric spinaker of a grotto. Sails will make from кевлара.

To be cleaned a grotto and фок will be a way of turning by hydraulic skrutka in geeks. All control of sailing arms will be exercised by means of hydraulic or electric winches, production of the New Zealand firm "Master Winch". Shkota of all sails will leave via by-pass blocks under the deck and there to be reeled up on drums of the winches which were there with a hydraulic actuator. Thus, winches will be removed from the deck not to spoil a classical silhouette of the yacht.


The project of the yacht was developed taking into account operating international safety rules, requirements of the domestic Register and Lloyd's register. Constructive elements and their connections are executed according to the international standards and calculated, at least, with fivefold margin of safety.

At yacht design the special attention was paid to safety issues, and, in particular, achievement of high stability. The form of the case and weight of the ballast laid in Kiel got out such to provide the high initial stability, allowing to go at a lateral wind with the maximum windage and the minimum list, and high value of a corner of loss of stability. On a construction closing stage measurements of the yacht and independent calculation of static stability it was made specialists of the New Zealand company Dibley Marine specializing on design of ocean sailing yachts. Its results showed that the calculations which have been been the basis for the project, are right, and stability of "Empire" is very high in comparison with other yachts of the same class. We will note also that it considerably exceeds requirements of rules of the Register of Lloyd and other operating safety rules.

Calculations showed also that the corner of loss of stability of the Empire yacht lies between 107 and 126 degrees. So high values of a corner of loss of stability - an indicator of that the probability of capsizing of the yacht is very small. On a corner of loss of stability "Empire" doesn't concede even to many classes of small racing ocean sailing vessels for which much more rigid requirements to stability, than for big cruise yachts are established.

Yachts with the wooden case, in the world no more than 10-ти. Approximate analogs are let out by the Dutch shipyard of "Royal Huisman", but Dutches do steel and plastic cases.

"Empire" in itself is very original as has and repeats contours of classical yachts 19-го centuries. Similar contours had tea a clipper which were considered as the most high-speed vessels of that time. The class of a vessel isn't limited, the yacht will be able to make transatlantic transitions.

Reference: The Dibley Marine company (Oakland) - one of the most known sea design companies of New Zealand. It was created by Kevin D. Dibley in 1995, before holding a post of the director of Eagle Yacht company designing. He from the moment of the basis of the company is her main designer and the designer.

Kevin Dibley - the diplomaed designer of the sea vessels, more than thirty years worked in shipbuilding of Canada and New Zealand. It built both cruise, and sports sailing and motorized vessels, the most various types and the sizes - from 6 to 55 meters. The yachts created by it participated in many prestigious ocean races, including кругосвеку Volvo Ocean Race.Diblya advised also many yacht projects, from construction of cruise yachts of the highest class to the weather service organization in the syndicates fighting for the Cup of "America". He is the member of society of sea designers of New Zealand (NASNZ - Naval Architectural Society of New Zealand.

Shipbuilding Plant Liman open joint stock company (till August, 2000 - the Black Sea Marine engineering Plant) as the independent enterprise I arose on the basis of workshops of the Nikolaev sea trade port in 1886.

SZ "Estuary" makes construction of megayachts, vessels, boats since design and coordination, and finishing delivery to the customer of the yacht ready for operation.

Construction is conducted under the supervision of world famous classification societies such, as Bureau Veritas (France), the Russian Sea Register of navigation, the Ukrainian register, SE - certification, etc.

In the territory of plant there is own Proyektno - the design and design center (PKTs).

Has opportunity for construction of yachts/vessels, boats up to 70 meters long and with a dock weight up to 800 tons.

On the present construction of pilot vessels, high-speed patrol boats for a coast guard, floating moorings for yachts - clubs is conducted also.


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