Inhabitants of the Alluvium "are at war" with Stolitsa bank already and in Odessa

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Yesterday, on October 28, under the chairmanship of the judge A. Bitov in the Odessa appellate court the first meeting in the claim of the inhabitant of the Nikolaev residential district Alluvium (Krasnykh St. Mayevshchikov, 35) took place. Actually, as the reason for submission of the statement of claim building by Stolitsa corporation of the territory on which the square of Fighting glory settled down served. The conflict lasts long enough, ceasing, inflaming with a new force.

Inhabitants of nearby houses not once came with pickets as under walls of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, so to the building site territory. It is remarkable that one of pickets took place in day of holding snap elections of 2007. Then people staid all day on the street, and only in the evening for permission of a situation to them there arrived representatives of a depuy corps. At any moment the initiative group made the decision to submit the statement of claim to Zavodsky district court on city council. As a result - by O. M. Machul's judge business at No. 2-5765 is opened. However, inhabitants lost court that, however, and that isn't surprising. Besides, according to the inhabitant of the residential district Natalya Syrovatko, they managed to be submitted the petition only from the third time, having sent by mail as officially it refused to accept as in court of the Central district, and Factory. In spite of the fact that case was considered in court, the builder continued construction, without paying attention to any instructions of court. At meetings with inhabitants the representative of the builder Sergey Pozyuchenko assured that at construction of the building the unaccented method of a zabivaniye of piles will be used. In practice it appeared that they were killed with an old kind method - by means of a hydrohammer from which roar, according to inhabitants, they shook walls, hanging subjects shook, and in places of joints of walls and overlappings there were numerous cracks.

Actually, at the most yesterday's meeting the defendant's representative, that is the City Council, the representative of the third party - Stolitsa bank - weren't.However, both parties sent documents to the Odessa court. In them they state the vision of a situation and ask court to leave the appeal complaint without satisfaction, and to leave the above-mentioned judgment without changes. Besides, the Stolitsa bank in this document asked to consider case without presence of his representative.

On October 18, in the yard on Red mayevshchik the public hearings initiated by locals took place. On the agenda of hearings on which, again, weren't neither authorities, nor the builder, the patient for this moment for people a question - construction in the square and possible construction of the multi-storey building in their yard was taken out. We will remind that on one of meetings of Factory district court ex-the chief architect Starushko noted that real problems in this conflict will begin when building of the yard in which, actually, and there live dissatisfied people will begin. And there, in his opinion, still there is a lot of place for building, and it will actively accustom representatives of bank. At public hearings unanimously voted against construction. As for a lawsuit in Odessa, the following meeting was appointed to December 2, 2008, at 15.00.


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