The city authorities claim that enterprise activity grows in Nikolaev

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Today the business sector, undoubtedly, plays one of the major roles city and country lives. It is important that except employment of a significant amount of persons as individual entrepreneurs, we can observe and a big role of business in creation of new workplaces for employed workers.

Besides, the statistics of employment of the population testifies and to high-quality changes which happen in the business sphere. So, if at the beginning of 90-x the vast majority of businessmen was made by persons who opportunities to realize themselves in the specialty had no and didn't own special knowledge of business questions, at present a significant amount of face who become businessmen, makes a choice of the activity consciously and, as a rule, gets a vocational education or acquires specialized knowledge.

In view of above-mentioned and considering the continuous growth of a share of business in structure of the income of the city budget, one of the main tasks of the city authorities defined support of an enterprise initiative in the city. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

Today the realization of this purpose is enabled through city programs of development of business. Thanks to the city policy directed on support to enterprise activity of citizens, a state on 01.01.08 in Nikolaev conducted the activity of 35 thousand subjects of business. It should be noted that the number of neogenic enterprise structures for 2007 made about 6 thousand

As a whole, in 2007-2008 the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies organized and carried out a number of actions:

For the first half of the year 2007 work on implementation of the analysis and preparation of offers to legislative is carried out and is standard - to legal acts which regulate business activity, with their further consideration at meetings of the constant commission of city council concerning business, investments, trade, consumer services of the population and protection of the rights of consumers.

Every month in mass media of the city and on the Internet - a portal of city council information on services and the organizations for protection of the rights of businessmen is quickly updated.

On the basis of the Nikolaev office "Youth enterprise movement" "the hot line" information character through which it is possible to get advice on legal issues and questions of crediting of businessmen is created.

By results of work of "the hot line" subjects of business activity got about 500 oral advice and 200 written explanations.

According to the Law of Ukraine "About fundamentals of the state regulatory policy in the sphere of economic activity" work on a possibility of acquaintance of businessmen, public organizations with drafts of regulatory acts, to carrying out discussions of drafts of regulatory acts is carried out.

The regional centers of employment in Nikolaev provide the financial help for opening of own business to new enterprise structures and businessmen (from among the unemployed). So, only for 2008 of 167 persons received one-time benefit to total amount 821 458, 39 UAH

According to actions of the Program of development of small business in Nikolaev for 2007 - 2008 for the current year on exhibition areas of JSC Expo-Nikolaev 30 exhibitions - fairs in which more than 1500 businessmen of the city took part are held.

Also successfully the initiative of the Nikolaev mayor "Proceeds we study business". The project is carried out on the basis of the Nikolaev Regional center of support of business and includes: competitive selection of participants, assessment of enterprise abilities, studying of the bases of the economy, finance, marketing, management, business - planning, legal aspects of opening of own business; development and protection business - plans. The course is carried out by the qualified experts who own advanced technologies of training.For 2007 within this project 50 people are trained.

Besides, the order of the mayor created the working group on preparation questions


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