Design of a dyuker who will throw dneprovsky water on the right coast Yu.Buga, proceeds

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On November 3 Vladimir Novozhilov - the deputy of the mayor - the director of the department of housing and communal services collected again all services which are involved in design, construction and project coordination on meeting. On consideration of the gathered the new option of trace of a conduit was offered. Because the exit of the pipeline to the high coast around country sites was recognized unsuccessful, the director general of Ukrkommundorproyekt institute Victor Drobot told that specialists of institute planned new points through which there has to pass a dyuker. From the Alluvium a conduit, having passed 2 km under water, leaves to the region of a beam between Gardens and B. Korenikhoy. The main discussion was developed round passing of land part of a dyuker to B. Korenikhe. Designers, the chief architect and a water utility have various opinions on this matter. There are two possible options, but both aren't faultless.

On - to the first to lay 400 mm of a pipe on Nova St., it is necessary which - where to replace the gas passage and to shift telephone cables. Laying and operation of a conduit are complicated by width of this street (places to 7 m), surrounded with numerous houses. Almost on all width of the street construction works will be conducted. But on the other hand, after the end of construction the street will take more civilized form, houses along the conduit route the first will be connected to the centralized water supply.

Less inconveniences to inhabitants deliver the second option. Parallel to st.Nova there passes a beam which long time filled up with construction and household garbage. According to geological service, slopes have the settled relief and won't slip, but laying of basis of a conduit will be complicated by large volume of land works which can increase construction cost considerably. To estimate financial expediency of the first or second option, it is offered to institute to order geodetic shootings and beams, and Nova St. and to make the integrated economic calculation of construction in that and other case.

Members of the working group decided to agree with points of a binding of a dyuker to coast and further laying of a conduit on the right side of the road from the city in Korenikhu. For this purpose it is necessary to secure with a consent of the authorities Nikolaev the area


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