With filling of the city budget everything is all right, – report the Nikolaev authorities

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In the budget of Nikolaev in 9 months 709291,5 thousand UAH of the income or 75,7% planned for a year arrived. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

The general fund of the budget is filled of 610687,5 thousand UAH that makes 72,7% of the annual plan and 105,2% of volumes planned for the reporting period. In special fund of the city budget 98603,9 thousand UAH that makes 101,5% of the approved annual volumes arrived.

78,1% of receipts of the general fund make receipts of taxes and fees. At the volumes of receipts of taxes and fees of 380133,1 thousand UAH planned for the reporting period 403519,8 thousand UAH actually arrived or performance made 106,2% that on 122950,9 thousand UAH (or for 43,8%) it is more than for the corresponding period of 2007.

It is provided performance almost on all profitable sources. The main profitable sources which provided an overfulfillment of the planned volumes of receipts, are:

- tax on the income of natural persons - on 6773,2 thousand UAH. Major factor of growth of receipts of this tax is the increase in the real income of the population and a taxation rate. At almost invariable number of workers the average salary of one worker steadily grows in the reporting period;

- payment for the earth - on 6160,8 thousand UAH. Growth of receipts was provided by carrying out actions for renewal of existing lease contracts of the earth taking into account provisions of the law of Ukraine "About the State budget of Ukraine for 2008", to annual indexation of payments for the earth and increase in the areas of lands leased;

- placement of temporarily available funds of the city budget on deposit accounts in commercial banks - 2466,7 thousand UAH;

- nadplanovy receipts (on 2189,2 thousand UAH) a uniform tax on legal entities - due to growth of gross revenues;

- payment for the trade patent (receipts are increased by 602,1 thousand UAH). The increase in volumes provided carrying out raids on legislation observance in the gaming sphere.

- payment for rent of complete property complexes and other property of municipal property (on 1035,2 thousand UAH).growth of volumes of receipts was provided by updating of an expert assessment of property at prolongation of lease contracts;

- increase in other receipts due to receipts from performance of conditions of branch and earth reservation on 1798,2 thousand UAH

As a result of growth of revenues of the budget its account part with crediting was reconsidered. At the 794,9 million UAH approved for 2008 (the general fund - 760,4 million UAH, special fund - 34,5 million UAH) a state on 01.10.08 the specified plan made 1023,9 million UAH Obshchemy fund of the city budget срставил 865,2 million UAH, special fund - 158,7 million UAH

Performance of account part with crediting of the city budget in 9 months 2008 made 620,4 million UAH, of them: the general fund of 545,4 million UAH and special fund of 75,0 million UAH or 60,6% of the specified plan, from them the general fund of 63,0% and special fund of 47,2%.

445,8 million UAH, or 71,9% of total amount of the budget were directed on financing of establishments socially - the cultural sphere for the reporting period.

In 9 months 2008 251,1 million UAH, or 40,5% of total amount of expenses were directed on salary payment to workers of the budgetary sphere

Expenses on subsidies and the current transfers to the population made 123,1 million UAH, or 19,8% of total amount of expenses; 35,8 million UAH (5,8%) were directed on payment by the budgetary establishments of utilities and energy carriers. Expenses on acquisition of food and medicines make 16,8 million UAH and 8,4 million UAH according to (2,7% and 1,4%). Capital expenses make 96,2 million UAH, or 15,5%.

At the expense of the city budget for January - September, 2008 it is provided the soft long-term loans to citizens on construction (reconstruction) and housing acquisition for total amount of 0,9 million UAH


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