The Nikolaev advertisers will place social materials even if they are written with mistakes

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As it was already reported, public hearings on entering of changes into Rules of placement of external advertizing took place today.

On this action the question of placement by businessmen of social advertizing was brought up also.

So, the director of KP "Aesthetics Bureau" Alexander Omelchuk appealed to businessmen to place social plots and treats noncritically them, and also those materials, information or congratulatory character which the city power asks to place.

"Yes, such materials happen to mistakes, happen and not the most beautiful models. But don't forget that they are trained by the simple staff of city bodies. Also it is the first step of the power on contact with people", - the director of KP "Aesthetics Bureau" declared.

Also he reported that from now on all plots of social advertizing materials will be coordinated with esthetics Bureau.

Irina Shapovalova, the regional representative of the National commission of experts made a speech at hearings on protection of public morals of the Kherson and Nikolaev areas. According to her, monitoring which was carried out by the commission, testifies to existence in an advertizing segment of a huge number of violations, for example, when advertizing of the championship on a striptease or alcoholic products takes place near churches. It, according to the representative, contradicts not only to laws, but also in general common sense. Therefore it is very important that this aspect was considered at a stage of preparation for installation that then advertisement makers didn't need to spend money for dismantle of advertizing designs.

Also she reported that the Public board concerning protection of public morals is now formed, and it would be very pertinent if it entered presented advertizing. It will help to establish the normal business and partner relations between businessmen and the public.


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