In the Nikolaev area volumes of capital investments

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In 9 months 2008 to development of economy of the Nikolaev area it is sent to 2,5 billion UAH of capital investments. About it reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.

In comparison with the corresponding period of 2007 volumes of capital investments decreased by 6,3%.

Investment of the enterprises of the regional center (was reduced by 9,3%) and Yuzhnoukrainsk (for 63,6%), and also in Berezanskom, by Bratsk, Vradiyevsk, Krivoozersk, Nikolaevsk and Ochakov areas (for 10%-34,8%).

Nearly two thirds (1722,6 million UAH) investments into fixed capital are mastered at the expense of own means of the enterprises, the seventh part (341,6 million UAH) - at the expense of the credits of banks and other loans. Specific weight of means of the state budget and local budgets made about 6%. The area population in construction of own housing enclosed 107,4 million UAH, of them two thirds - in individual houses.

The third part of capital investments (35,9%, or to 895,9 million UAH from all-regional volume) it is sent to industry development, from them three quarters (665,3 million UAH) are used by the enterprises of processing industry and almost fifth part - the enterprises which are engaged in production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water. In comparison with January - September, 2007 investment of the industry decreased by a quarter.

The fifth part of capital investments of area is mastered in the reporting period by the transport and communication enterprises - 486,2 million UAH, the tenth - trade enterprises (256,4 million UAH). Investments into these kinds of activity also were reduced by 5,2% and for 3,4% respectively.

Almost investment of a construction complex decreased by two thirds: since the beginning of year 51,3 million UAH of investments into fixed capital are sent to construction branch or 2,1% of total amount on area.

The enterprises for January - July of this year mastered 275,4 million UAH that almost at the level of the corresponding period of previous year. It is more than a half of these investments. it is used by the enterprises which are engaged in additional transport services, the third part - mail and communication enterprises.

At the same time, considerably (means increased by 70%) in development of the enterprises of agriculture where 337,5 million UAH

are attracted

Capital investments in housing construction in the reciprocal period made 236,9 million UAH and exceeded investments of the corresponding period of last year on a quarter.

High rates of a gain of investments into fixed capital were observed in health care activity (91,2%) and educations (82,3%).


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