In the Nikolaev area, as well as across all Ukraine, only 30-40% of "live" labor unions?

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Yesterday, on November 17, in the Nikolaev mass media there were messages that on November 16 in Nikolaev unknown tried to seize premises of regional council of the labor unions, located in the downtown, at the corner of Lyagin St. and Admiralskaya St.

As it was reported on a site, "according to the chairman of regional council of labor unions Margarita Sapozhnikova, it there was an attempt to make raider attack to regional trade council property. Group of people, in number of about 40 people among whom male young people and a strong constitution prevailed, there arrived to premises of labor unions on two minibuses about three o'clock in the afternoon and tried to enter inside under the guise of holding any seminar. Warned about possible provocations, the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions took measures concerning protection of the room. The room them didn't let in, though there were attempts to break open doors. It was necessary to call militiamen. After conversation with them unknown, having staid nearly three hours, dispersed. Security measures concerning protection of the room work and nowadays".


Official reference: today the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions unites 18 branch labor unions which include 2,5 thousand primary trade-union organizations numbering more than 226 thousand people. As for the chairman of regional council of labor unions, she is officially re-elected to this position in 2006 for 5 years.

A bit later, in comments, the chairman of regional trade council noted that at 13:30 two men tried to get into the building, having presented by employees of the Yuzhnaya Pravda newspaper. But, as it became clear later, they had no relation to the edition. Then at 15:00 the entrance to the room had about 40 people who allegedly came to a seminar, but at more detailed inquiries, people couldn't explain what organization they represent, and to which seminar are invited. "And then 2 "vans" of which high children of a strong constitution jumped out approached and tried to open force a door. I the day before warned both the regional state administration, and Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and SBU.They approached at once, for what I am very grateful", - Margarita Aleksandrovna emphasizes. In too time Margarita Sapozhnikova noted that the action was planned and well organized as in the majority of areas of Ukraine there were similar events. In Lviv and Odessa malefactors under the guise of participants of seminars managed to get into buildings of regional trade councils. The head of the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions also noted that earlier in several local newspapers there was information discrediting labor unions. Besides, from primary organizations signals that at the enterprises of our area there are the people who are giving out for representatives of FPU and urging to re-elect "the corrupted management of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine" repeatedly arrived.

"We suspect that it is intrigues of alternative labor unions which, unfortunately, interests our property" is exclusive, - Margarita Sapozhnikova considers.

Now the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions plans to strengthen protection of the building to be protected from repeated capture.

Sources in regional USBU confirmed that is valid, near the building of the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions on Sunday about 50 people gathered, but any offenses wasn't allowed.

To the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" it was succeeded to communicate to several participants of those events.

According to them, on November 16 to Nikolaev on regional conference of labor unions (namely this event it was planned to hold in the regional trade council building) there arrived representatives of labor unions from all regions of the Nikolaev area. The total of delegates made about 80 people.

"To the building us didn't let therefore conference held on the street. All procedures provided in the legislation of Ukraine were observed. Delegates of conference voted for change of the management of the Nikolaev regional trade council", - one of participants of conference told.

"Today labor unions so grew together with the management of the enterprises and were so removed from simple workers that the functions don't carry out. In fact, this direction, namely protection of the rights of simple workers, nobody is engaged. Already came to create time labor unions on the European Union sample where chairmen of labor unions won't be dependent on heads of the enterprises and will be on - to the present, within the current legislation, to defend the rights of workers", - the participant of conference declared.

He also told about seven prime steps of implementation of the strategic program of development of trade-union movement of Ukraine.

The purpose of this program - to connect domestic labor unions in uniform, powerful trade-union movement and to create worthy system of social protection of people of work in Ukraine.

The strategic program of development of trade-union movement of Ukraine includes such points:

  1. To unite all trade-union structures of Ukraine in uniform and influential association of labor unions which has to become the powerful force of the Ukrainian society with own and effective social position.
  2. To create uniform Fund of trade-union property and to transfer it to management property and means of labor unions which have to work for each member of labor union. For this purpose it is necessary to make the unified electronic register of all members of labor unions and on each registered member of labor union to issue an electronic card of the shareholder of Fund.
  3. To return to labor unions of management of social insurance funds, and to leave to the state the right of control of this activity.
  4. To assign to labor unions the right of a legislative initiative in parliament that considerably intensifies participation of labor unions in legislative process and will accelerate adoption of fundamental acts for labor unions.
  5. To found the Strike fund of labor unions and Fund of protection of trade-union leaders that will give opportunity to labor unions to apply rigid forms of influence on the power.
  6. To introduce the target social programs directed on improvement of working conditions and life of workers in life.
  7. To achieve the maximum presence of labor unions at national information space of Ukraine that considerably will strengthen influence of labor unions on the Ukrainian society through the central and regional mass media.

    As it was succeeded to learn, trade-union movement of Ukraine conducted research during which it became clear that more than a half of primary trade-union organizations are registered only on paper. Really there are only 30-40% from registered in Ministry of Justice. In the Nikolaev area a situation just the same, - participants of Sunday events near the regional trade council building claim.


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