Politeness – the best weapon of the thief

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The "cheerful" night was given on November 16 for the car owners living in the district of Nikolaev, called "A new watering place".

As locals told, on the night of November 16 in this area there was a number of robberies of the cars, made on - seen by the same group of persons.

Attack the Mercedes truck which was in the yard of a house on Aprelskaya St. underwent the first. Unknown, having hacked a car door, got into salon and tried to hijack the vehicle. Noise of the native engine was heard in the sleep by the owner of the car. It jumped and as is - in pants and an undershirt - ran out to the yard to rescue the car. There the man saw that his worst fears were confirmed - the car really try to steal. However whether shouts of the indignant car owner, whether his aggressive look in night-clothes frightened off car thieves. Having left alone the vehicle, they left a place of events.

On it malefactors didn't calm down, having resolved where - нибудь to steal something. After flight they appeared on Nagornaya St. where saw the passenger bus standing at a roadside. His malefactors didn't begin to steal, having satisfied with theft of a radio tape recorder and personal belongings of the driver. However and it it seemed to them a little.

Having passed some quarters on the same Nagornaya St., thieves saw parked near the private house грузовойе the Renault car. Malefactors "cleaned" salon and cut an awning of a body and all wheels of the car. In a body they saw which - that that them interested - the thoughtless car owner left for the night in the car goods. Having decided to leave, probably, nothing to the enemy - the car owner, thieves adjusted "car" to "Renault" and began to overload in it "good" of the businessman. Malefactors so were fond that didn't notice, how it is light. At this time from parking which is located in 50-ти meters from a place of "unloading of the car of Reeno", local car owners - businessmen left on the minibus. Подьехав to an "overload" place they saw that the car of imaginary "loaders" blocks departure. In response to a request to free the road, the young people overloading goods, with a smile apologized for the caused inconveniences, drove away the car and finally wished to businessmen of successful day."Loaders" so surely and quietly kept that nobody suspected that it is simply impudent thieves. Having finished goods loading as quietly young people left from a place of events, having left traces of the crimes - the punctured tires and the cut awning of "Renault".

About that actually occurred on parking that morning, businessmen learned from the colleague - the owner of "Renault". Having come behind the car, he found the vehicle in a deplorable state and with an empty body. In a panic the businessman interrogated all the acquaintances and colleagues, whether they saw something suspicious. Then - that some also remembered the polite young people who were surely overloading goods from "Renault".

But, despite numerous witnesses of this theft, impudent thieves while didn't manage to be found. The phrase from one Soviet movie is involuntarily remembered: "Politeness - the best weapon of the thief" …


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