The Nikolaev coffee-achievers, having decided to cheer up, stole the coffee machine gun

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Last week in militia the local, B.'s business owner of 1966 year of birth addressed. He declared that early in the morning during the period from 4.00 till 05.10 from its cafe on Chigrin St. the kofevarochny device was stolen …. Thieves, having broken door glass, got into the room and pulled out the device, the sum of the caused damage made 3 thousand UAH

Remains a riddle as thieves managed to cope successfully with transportation of quite heavy and bulky device and to remain unnoticed. Probably, that morning except thieves of other "early birds" on Chigrin St. wasn't.

Also it is very interesting why thieves "coveted" the kofevarochny device. Possibly, which - who from citizens couldn't wake up that morning in any way, and coffee of the house didn't appear … Fortunately, the similar solution of the problem of morning awakening in our city meets quite seldom. Anyway, now the stolen machine gun costs in any other place or at home at thieves.

The investigation is carried.


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