Muddy tenders with baby food

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The rights of children on safe for their life and health production, high-quality food are how reliably protected? As far as observe requirements of Laws of Ukraine "About child care", "About baby food" local executive authorities and local governments? Answers to these questions are given by prosecutor's offices of the Nikolaev area recently carried out by bodies complex inspections.

Public prosecutor's checks elicited the facts of violations of the law at tendering process concerning catering services in educational institutions, uses of the public funds allocated for these actions and control of performance of important conditions of contracts.

By the prosecutor of the Veselinovsky area it is established that when carrying out the tender by catering services in educational and educational institutions of the area the department of formation of the Veselinovsky district state administration the only participants of procedure of purchase determined businessmen - relatives - mother and the son of P. who live to one address and deliver food from one wholesale base that is violation of the principle of fair competition at implementation of government procurements.

The prosecutor of the Bereznegovatsky area during carrying out check in department of formation of the Bereznegovatsky district state administration established violations of Art. 34 of the Law of Ukraine "About purchase of goods, works and services on public funds", namely: for March - May, 2007, in the absence of references of bodies of statistics and Regional торгово - industrial chamber, purchase of food at the prices is carried out by higher, than is provided by the tender offer owing to what inefficient use of funds for the sum of 3977 UAH took place. By results of check by the prosecutor of the area representation to the head of the Bereznegovatsky district state administration with the requirement to eliminate violations of the law and to make responsible guilty officials is brought.

The May Day interdistrict prosecutor and the prosecutor of the Bashtansky area elicited the facts of purchase of meat of pork for baby food on overestimated, even compared with market, to the prices.

In the majority of educational institutions in connection with insufficient financing performance of natural norms of food of children isn't provided. For example, by Voznesensky the interdistrict prosecutor during check it is established that till of Voznesensku the cost of one-day food of the pupil of general education educational institution makes 3,51 UAH (according to Voznesensky to the area - 3,42 грню), and pupils of preschool educational institutions - 5,68 UAH (according to Voznesensky to the area - 6 UAH). Thus 30 percent of cost of food are used on fee on its organization. It negatively influences performance of norms of food of children owing to what the underestimated consumption by children of meat, fish and dairy products, vegetables, juice and fruit takes place. By results of check by Voznesensky by the interdistrict prosecutor in March of the current year representations with requirements of elimination of violations of the law to the head Voznesenskaya of the district state administration and Voznesensky of the city head are brought.

The prosecutor of the Krivoozersky area during checks at comprehensive schools No. 1 and No. 2 established violations of the law concerning the organization of dietary food of children of dispensary group who have chronic diseases and need dietary food. By results of check by the prosecutor of the area to heads of the specified schools instructions about elimination of violations of Art. 6 of the Law of Ukraine "About child care" which are considered and satisfied are brought.

Similar violations of the law on the organization of good nutrition of children are revealed during checks by prosecutors of Bashtansky, Veselinovsky, Zhovtnevy, Novobugsky, Nikolaev, Krivoozersky areas, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Ochakov and May Day the interdistrict prosecutors who have brought 10 instructions and representations, 2 protests, the excited 14 productions about administrative offenses.

Not use isolated cases for food of children in educational institutions of production without the relevant documents. Such violations were revealed by prosecutors of Factory and Lenin areas of.Nikolaev, Bereznegovatsky, Elanetsky, Brotherly, New Odessa areas, May Day, Ochakov and Voznesensky interdistrict prosecutors, by results of verification of the brought 3 instructions, 1 protest, excited 17 administrative and disciplinary productions.

In total by results of public prosecutor's checks concerning legislation observance concerning protection of the rights of children on safe production and high-quality food by bodies of prosecutor's office of area 3 protests are brought 25 instructions and representations, excited 10 disciplinary and 69 administrative productions.


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