In the next 7 years the hunting economy of area will develop the same as developed before

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No innovations or cardinal changes in hunting economy of area in the next 7 years will occur - in any case, the Program of development of hunting economy of the Nikolaev area for 2009-2015 doesn't assume them. And though in text part of the Program many "warm" words are told to the UOOR Nikolaev regional organization, any repressive measures in the relation of UOOR aren't provided.

So, about a condition of hunting economy. The number of a deer decreased by 2,8 times, roes - by 6,2 times, a wild boar - by 3 time, a hare - a hare - by 2,8 time, a pheasant - by 3,9 times, partridges - by 2,2 times. The declared sums directed on protection and reproduction of hunting fauna can't document the majority of the UOOR regional organizations.

All users of hunting grounds, except JSC Okhotnikov i rybakov Voznesenska, GP "Ochakov SUCKER", GP "Voznesenskoye SUCKER", aren't carried out works on artificial cultivation of hunting animals and birds, and their rassledeniye is conducted extremely insufficiently. Over the last 5 years in grounds only 3210 pheasants (from them 1100 let out forestry enterprises), 400 ducks and 18 байбаков were let out.

Existing animals are insufficiently protected - grounds actually aren't protected. So, in 2007 of 114 regular huntsmen of UOOR made only 71 protocols, and huntsmen of society of "Voyenokhota" made only 8 protocols. At the same time, in 2007 of 19 state regional game managers in grounds of UOOR and "Voyenokhota" revealed 370 breakers of rules of hunting, and all on area 828 violations of the rules of hunting are revealed.

Are dissatisfied in regional management of forest and hunting economy of quality of fight against harmful predators, vagrant dogs and cats. If to judge on UOOR otchetnost, in 2007 in grounds 102 wolves, 4893 foxes, 4900 vagrant dogs, 1539 vagrant cats, 6265 gray crows, forty and rooks were got."If to trust these data, in area grounds after a season of hunting shouldn't have remained neither foxes, nor wolves, and actually their number became more", - it is noted in the Program.

Financing of the accepted Program is supposed of nearly 14 million UAH, thus actions of regional management of forest and hunting economy have to be financed from regional fund of protection of surrounding environment, and here the others (the lesookhotnichyikh of farms, the UOOR and "Voyenokhota" regional organizations, and also other users by hunting grounds) - for their personal means.

It is supposed that on reproduction of hunting animals 5 million 702,8 thousand UAH, will be in total spent for artificial cultivation of hunting animals - 804,5 thousand UAH. Regional management of forest and hunting economy defined awards for production: she-wolves - 500 UAH, a wolf - 300 UAH, young growth of wolves - 200 UAH, a fox - 50 UAH besides, are provided also funds for carrying out razjyasnitelno - scheduled maintenance in mass media on fauna protection, the edition of booklets - in total by 326,5 thousand UAH


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