In a rating of consumer ability Ukraine took a penultimate place in Europe

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According to the GfK company research, devoted to consumer ability in 41 countries of Europe, Ukraine took the 40th place, having bypassed only Moldova.

For 2008 each European spent for consumer goods on the average 12500 euros. The average Ukrainian spent 1688 euros.

Ukrainians can spend only 9% of that sum which for consumer goods is spent by Germans, note the research GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2008/2009.

In a year, according to research, Europeans have opportunity to spend about 8 trillion euros. This sum includes the state payments (the help with unemployment, the grant for children, pensions). Thus, average consumer ability on one person in Europe makes 12500 euros. Though, in Moldova which closes the list, the nayavny revenue per capita makes less than 800 euros.

First place is won by Liechtenstein with consumer ability at the level of 45 000 euros a year, it is followed by Luxembourg (28 192 euros), further there is Switzerland (26 842). Germany, with an average value in 18 734 euros for the person rose from the 11th place in a rating on 10-е.

Iceland which in a year went down from the fourth place on the seventh also got to the first ten. Great Britain which last year took the eighth place, left ten and got on the 11th place in a rating. But, the 10th place was taken now by Norway which has won from rate fluctuation of currencies.

According to experts of the GfK company, influence of financial crisis will have an effect in 2009.

In the majority of countries of Eastern Europe low level of growth of consumer ability was recorded. At the same time, growth rates in the majority of the countries of the Central Europe frame above.

In Ukraine experts note considerable differentiation in levels of expenditure. The highest expenditure are noted in big cities. Inhabitants of Kiev have 3110 euros the nominal income for the person. Though, two cities exceeded consumer ability of inhabitants of Kiev. This is Ugledar and the city Youzhny.

The research GfK Purchasing Power Europe is conducted annually in 40 countries of Europe. Calculations are formed at the level of the cities and post zones.

We will remind that in 2007 Ukraine I borrowed in a rating 39th place.


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