The construction conflict to st. passed on March 8 into a phase of direct opposition

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"Chronicle" of so-called construction wars in the city of Nikolaev replenished with one more arena of "operations" - the slow conflict on the street on March 8, 51 today, on November 25, passed into a phase of direct opposition.

The conflict between inhabitants and the builder - the business owner Sergey STANISHEVSKY - began from - for taken down a playground which had misfortune it to appear just on that place which Sergey Vladislavovich chose to himself under a little shop.

Inhabitants of this house weren't lucky - they have no own yard. Actually, small участочек lands between the house and the carriageway also is their only outlet which they with love look after: from spring to fall flowers, around purity and an order here grow. Still quite recently there was also a small playground, however, as it is accepted for a long time in Nikolaev, it gave for construction of trade pavilion, in other words, usual халабуды. The business owner, without hesitation, demolished this playground and established on its place a reinforcing basis under the base. Having been indignant with an event, inhabitants from - that the builder didn't deign to carry out public hearings, made it and... invited STANIShEVSKOGO. It came to the meeting and personally heard the unanimous decision of inhabitants - in the house adjoining territory to refuse to construction of the next little shop.

Here then the builder decided to act regardless of obstacles. And today builders led by Stanishevsky, accompanied by strong good fellows from private security firm appeared suddenly on "building site" and were accepted... to carry out construction works. Naturally, the people revolted with similar barbarous actions, left to the yard and prevented carrying out construction. To the aid to inhabitants of the house there arrived representatives of public organization "Our City" and people already having some experience of similar oppositions - from the residential district Severeny, from Krylov Street, from Red mayevshchik, from Chigrin, from the Admiral Makarov, from Lenin Avenue. At the separate moments opposition almost reached to hand-to-hand, but, at the end - the ends, inhabitants won.Builders had to cut off already established metal designs of pavilion and to leave back home.

By words the builder Sergey STANISHEVSKY, he was going to establish instead of the demolished playground another, newer... Here only still there is the unique question: "Where? ". Except as on chosen by it under new халабуду a place isn't present more.

As for further work, the builder assured that while he stops them as I don't intend to go on the direct conflict to people. Whether so it, will show time.


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