Island of hope

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The disturbing information transferred a few days ago on one of the central TV channels was the cause for this material. In a plot it was said that in the Nikolaev regional children's hospital in office of haemato-oncology of a stock of drugs for sick children remained no more, than for one and a half months. Expecting late deliveries from the capital, parents buy drugs on the money or ask for the help in charity foundations. Here the sense of the message was such. For details we addressed to doctors of regional children's hospital.For the state account
Treatment of oncological diseases - business improbable expensive. The manager of office of haemato-oncology of regional children's hospital Oleg Babin called some figures confirming it. For example, one bottle of such medicine as аспарагеназа costs 490 UAH, thus for a course of treatment is required 12 bottles. Bottle cost гранацида - 963 UAH, buy them from 10 to 20 bottles depending on appointment of the doctor. On the average the full course of treatment of one child in office of haemato-oncology costs 60-70 thousand UAH! And after all often one course happens insufficiently, repeated treatment is required also.
The doctor asks a rhetorical question: Whether "Can afford treatment a usual family with the average income? ". Oleg Dmitriyevich says that if such burden laid down on shoulders of parents, for certain many of them would refuse treatment and addressed to sorcerers as it was not very long ago. However all places in office are filled. And it means that doctors have opportunities for treatment, and parents have a belief in recovery of their children.
Till 2002, the state program "Oncology" didn't take effect yet, patients bought drugs. "Sold houses, the apartments, all the most valuable, only to cure the child, - the chief physician of the Nikolaev regional children's hospital Dmitry Gotsulyak remembers. - From the beginning
Stumbling block
"The budgetary financing makes about 70% in costs of treatment of our patients, - Oleg Babin tells.- Therefore parents of these children don't receive on hands of "sheets" with transfer of drugs and medicines, since a syringe and finishing the most expensive drugs which need to be bought. It is no secret that similar quite often meets in other hospitals. In our office there is practically all necessary for treatment! ".
However, that the budgetary drugs should be expected long, - an honest truth. While heavy bureaucratic machinery of deliveries of vital medicines for children will be untwisted, not less than half a year leaves. For last nearly five months of this year the Nikolaev regional children's hospital had to receive drugs for the sum exceeding 600 thousand UAH. However that fact that while a uniform ampoule of the drugs bought on this money, didn't arrive yet to destination, the chief physician Dmitry Gotsulyak doesn't consider as a reason for concern:
- This commonplace that we receive the centralized deliveries in the second half of year, - he told. - The received drugs suffice approximately to the middle of the next year, there is a certain stock of medicines, the next delivery won't arrive yet, Dmitry Vasilyevich explains.
The law on tender purchases which didn't allow to use rationally budgetary funds for acquisition of drugs is recently cancelled. Now the temporary order of government procurements facilitating acquisition of drugs works. Also there is a hope that soon it will be fixed by the Verkhovna Rada legislatively.
For the budget hope, and itself not плошай?
The most important still has a question: "Than children while the hospital will be reached by the state drugs are treated? ". Doctors assure: lack of deliveries doesn't affect children by no means. Each of 30 patients of a hospital of oncohematological office receives treatment in full, in full doses and by all means in that order what is designated in the so-called protocol, in other words, to the treatment scheme which the doctor is obliged to observe strictly. Help out numerous charity foundations. In particular, the main partner of physicians of regional children's hospital - orthodox fund "Sodeystviye". His volunteers, and also representatives of several other charitable organizations help not only to get expensive drugs, but also additional food for patients, conduct search of donors.
Whether it is necessary to pay to parents for drugs? According to Oleg Babin, parents sometimes should buy drugs which then compensate charity foundations.These expenses are so insignificant - no more than 200-300 UAH a year that can't form the basis for complaints.
Svetlana S. and her 14 - the summer son from the Ship area got to hospital two weeks ago. The diagnosis "a tumor of the top part of the left hip" was made to the boy. Svetlana with big warmth responds about doctors and nurses of office: "The attitude towards patients and service in office - at the top level. Fine food, is all medicines. We were very surprised how us here accepted, I can't sometimes constrain tears".
Alexander Yuryevich M., the inhabitant of one of the area cities asked to transfer to the manager of office Oleg Babin and the attending physician Victor Medvedev huge gratitude. It 17 - the summer son Maxim fell at a physical education class. The ultimate stitch forced to address to doctors which edges together with a change revealed also malignant education. During treatment in other city parents of the boy had to pay repeatedly services of doctors, daily to buy in a drugstore of medicine and medicines on one and a half hundred UAH. Completely to pay for medical services, it was necessary even to take the loan in bank. The cost of treatment cost some tens of thousands of hryvnias.
"The Nikolaev doctors didn't take from us the kopek, even conversation on it wasn't, - Alexander Yuryevich speaks. - I don't consider that tablets and ointment which we bought, are heavy expenses, after that, how many we had to pay! ".
Not everything is so unambiguous
Hope - the volunteer of one of the charitable organizations working with office of haemato-oncology already one and a half years. The fund exists only on donations, and, not always people rich, and, first of all those who can't remain indifferent to troubles of little patients. Every day Nadia visits a site "Zhiti Tomorrow" of the Ukrainian open association of the organizations, groups and the persons working with children, suffering oncological diseases. Its address: Names of sections speak for themselves: "Requests for the help", "Requests for donors", "Requests of prayers", "Needs of offices", "How to help", "I hope and I trust". Is here and a page of patients of the Nikolaev regional children's hospital. It is impossible to look without pain in the face of children. As they want to live and rejoice! With what belief look at adults! Here only one of addresses. 17- summer Alexander S.I underwent two operations on removal of a tumor of a brain therefore in an organism there are no hormones including growth hormones, - mother writes it. "Sasha accepts every day hormones but if some of them are allocated by hospital, we look for some and we buy. "Kortef" we order in Russia, in Ukraine he isn't present.
For a long time the sexual hormone "Pregnil" as his sexual development remained at the level of 12 years is necessary to Sasha. Doctors say that at therapy by these hormones Sasha will be able to have a family and not to be the derelict in society. "Pregnil" it is necessary to prick several courses for 6 months. Three ampoules cost 270 UAH, and it only a week dose".
To find drugs from late state deliveries which it doesn't appear at the right time in office, Nadezhda personally appeals to the colleagues on all Ukraine about the help and perfectly knows that the similar situation with providing with drugs is observed over all country. As nobody else knows Nadj about shadow schemes of deliveries of expensive drugs for cancer patients. For example, the preparation "Natulang", irreplaceable at treatment лимфогранулематоза, in Ukraine sell for 220-230 euros for packing. At the same time in France its price is only 32-34 euros, and in Italy - 16-17 euros.
How physicians assured that their patients are completely provided with drugs, in practice it appears not absolutely so. In the most hard cases life of the child depends on existence of means at parents or at relatives who can help money. And it is good if money is in time. Quite often such families appear in private with trouble. Volunteers also aren't omnipotent, but do a maximum from this that is possible. The system of treatment of such diseases existing in Ukraine is imperfect and sometimes doesn't give up hope for a survival. And, besides, the operating order of providing with drugs gives carte blanche to businessmen from the pharmacy, marketing necessary preparations extremely expensively and not hesitating to profit on dreadful diseases.


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