In the Nikolaev area from 100 people discharged from office, 59 - men

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In 9 months 2008р. at big and medium-sized enterprises of area the quantity working on hiring made 269,2 thousand people, 144,8 thousand people made of them the woman and 124,4 thousand people - the man, reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.

The structure working areas testifies to advantage of women over men - 53,8% of average number of the workers occupied in economy of area.

In certain spheres of work advantage of women over men is shown much more essentially: in the sphere of health protection and providing the social help the part of busy women makes 82,4%, educations - 76,4%, hotel and restaurant business - 76,3%, financial activity - 74,4% and public administration - 70,9%.

To the contrary, it is more than men in those types of economic activity which remain traditionally man's spheres: construction - 78,3%, agriculture - 61,9%, the industry - 62,1%, transport and communication - 60,2%.

In 9 months the salary of women on the average on area equaled 1351,80 UAH that made 74,5% of a salary of men (1814,32 UAH).

Almost in all types of economic activity earnings of women didn't exceed earnings of men, except for operations with real estate, rent, engineering and service to businessmen. In these spheres the average salary of women made 1411,22, or is 24,98 UAH more, than at men.

The lowest compensation of women compared with men was recorded in construction - for 312,72 UAH or is 21% less, than at men, in the industry - for 764,97 UAH (for 50,1%), in transport and communication - for 927,04 UAH (for 63,1%), in financial activity - for 868,93 UAH (for 35,7%).

Besides, insignificant lag from earnings of men in hotel and restaurant business - for 6,1%, and also in the sphere of providing municipal and individual services was observed;activity in the culture and sports sphere - for 7,6% where the number of women from total working in this kind of activity makes 76,3% and 64,1% respectively.

It should be noted that for men higher mobility on a labor market, as on reception level (32,1% against 19,1% at women), and on dismissal level from work (31,9% against 18,5% at women) is characteristic. In 9 months 2008 from areas of 59 people 100 accepted and dismissed in economy - the man.


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