Rules of etiquette during hungry revolt

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The short set of rules of a good form and perfect manners for wishing to take part in spontaneously organized national protest.

Ah, misters, already now all it is bad, and it becomes obligatory even worse soon! Ahead of us the terrible - prezhutky tests wait! Plants and factories will be closed, peasants won't sow a field, teachers will heat potbelly stoves textbooks, and doctors - registration cards of patients. Will come very much - very severe famine, and the people will rebel. Already now our labor unions, having despaired to protect the rights of workers, prepare strikes and campaigns to Kiev. But after all it is clear that business won't be limited to it and there will be spontaneous hungry revolts!

Alas, today very few people have experience of participation in such actions and, respectively, knowledge of rules of etiquette during their carrying out. Therefore the role us, the culturologists, obliged to explain to society of a basis of polite, tactful behavior during inevitable bloody national performances is very great right now.

We prepared the short set of rules of a good form which will allow you not to fall face down in dirt during participation in hungry revolt.

Preparation for participation in spontaneous revolt

Guarantee of your cultural behavior during revolt is the right choice of the last. Don't participate in badly organized, planned quick revolts, is it is fraught with the spoiled mood. If you wish to ensure pleasant, cultural pastime, address in labor union or office political parties in a residence (the benefit, this almost same). Trust in professionals who will be able to provide you transportation to a place of hungry revolt, three meals a day and accommodation, will give lawful 50 UAH a day, will help to pick up the correct ideology and responsible for all your misfortunes.

After you will register in formed crew of spontaneous rebels, strictly observe the proprieties. Remember that impolitely we will constantly disturb organizers importunate questions supposedly against whom to revolt? Certainly, on arrival into place all will explain to you and will instruct that to what.

If already during revolt you incidentally find out that the real responsible for all your troubles are organizers, don't show your discontent aloud, especially obscene words, it is extremely unethical, in particular, if among organizers of revolt there are ladies or directors of your enterprise. And especially don't do it before receiving final financial settlement.

Behavior on streets on the way to a place of revolt

In the morning, leaving a lodging for the night place to a revolt venue, check, whether you with yourselves took all necessary things: the poster, helmet, hammer for a splitting of cobble-stones, a hatchet for intimidation мироедов and other necessary trifles. Examine the suit, check, whether it is enough замызган, look in a mirror, whether all at you as it should be - whether hair are tousled, whether the look burns, whether the reason indignant rages. Don't forget about a pleasant smile in all thirteen teeth.

Going to barricades or to the building of Cabinet of Ministers, the man has to help the woman going with it to bear heavy subjects - vyvorochenny tram to a rail, the jackhammer, the drunk companion. It is thus obligatory to remember that the man needs to go to the left of the woman; otherwise it will consider insufficiently well-mannered.

If on the street locals ask you about something, answer politely, shortly and clearly, it is possible with use of stock.

If in the direction of travel at you arose desires to trash a store window of bourgeois shop, make it a cobble-stone or a staff of a flag of your party, but at all a foot - the person who is highly lifting up feet in the middle of the street, shows it not so much the man's energy, how many a regrettable lack of education. Especially if you are a woman.

According to classical rules of etiquette it is necessary to avoid smoking on the street. But if you aren't able to constrain yourselves, set fire to the foreign car parked on a roadside and smoke near it - the bringing-down smoke safely will hide the thin stream going from your roll-up.

Rules of behavior on barricades

Barricades - the most important element of correctly organized revolt, so, on your behavior on barricades will judge and your cultural level as a whole.

Constructing a barricade, reflect on esthetic impression which it will make on people around. Try to give to a barricade a beautiful geometrical form (it is possible in the form of a heart, times or a contour of Donetsk region).Decorate with its effigies of bad people and bright flags which will be given out to you by organizers. Don't hang out on barricades drying socks. The barricade has to look tidily.

Creeping on a barricade, the man has to be slightly below than the woman - so he can support her in case of need (the sprained heel, battle by an orange bullet or any other natural need).

Remember that in view of a cold season the risk of the catarrhal diseases, being accompanied cold increases. And as it is unpleasant, the person on the barricades, blowing nose down, directly on the companions provocatively looks! Such act you can spoil it all favorable impression of revolt. Therefore, coming to barricades, use a handkerchief, it is desirable a strict classical coloring. As a last resort, politely ask it at passing by bourgeoises or высморкайтесь to them in a sleeve.

Wishing to start a cobble-stone in the head to the enemy, try to abstain from comments concerning his person; don't show on it a forefinger of a free hand and don't tire with the indecision is it is impolite. Try that the thrown cobble-stone was pure - to these you will show the step and desire to reduce future problems of the opponent.

Try to aim quickly not to create "stopper" in a firing line. You remember the companions who too can't wait to take vengeance on the enemies.

It isn't recommended to pull out at night secretly from a barricade of a cross tie and other metal subjects to hand over them in scrap metal, - in case of exposure it can be interpreted not in your advantage.

Rules of etiquette in extreme situations

Hungry revolt is a not only pleasant opportunity to show to people around the knowledge of rules of a good form, but also the reason of various extreme situations.

For example, you can become the participant of execution. It is very serious situation, and therefore demanding strict observance of laws of politeness. The manner of your behavior has to depend on that, you shoot or shoot you. In the first case it is better to adhere to modest, not striking style in behavior and clothes; in the second some liberties - the weakened tie, convenient informal footwear (sneakers or moccasins are admissible;but at all gym shoes! ) and even a cigarette in a mouth (if, of course, you not the woman is can unpleasantly shock people around).

During revolt can occur and other unpleasant situations. So, you can learn that you were thrown by organizers, and home it is necessary to go at own expense. In this case show restraint, don't show the irritation. Judge sensibly - probably, on the neighboring street there is the alternative revolt organized by enemies of your former employers. Join it - it isn't excluded that there you will find the best financial conditions and more pleasant environment.

And, at last, in the course of revolt you can unexpectedly learn that your enterprise safely resumed work already a month ago. It isn't necessary to express roughly the pleasure and to run to the station, parting forcibly pedestrians is has nothing in common with good manners at top speed. Especially as you - that never before anywhere didn't work, and the last 10 years traded in collecting bottles and scrap metal. Return on a venue of revolt and continue to carry out the duties. Also you remember: anything so doesn't decorate hungry national revolt, as politeness, tactfulness and perfect manners of its participants!

Revolt pleasant to you!


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