In a month in Ukraine five hundred drugstores

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In only one month (from October 17 to November 18) in Ukraine more than 500 drugstores were closed. 2,5 thousand employees were as a result dismissed and some more thousands are sent on unpaid leaves.

About it reported TO "BUSINESS" in Public service of medicines and products of medical mission (GSLSIMP)

In civil service explain such situation with restriction of the maximum margin on drugs which the government entered a little more than a month ago. Now at wholesale the extra charge can't exceed 15%, and at retail - 20%. Such rules extend on all range of medicines consisting of 9 thousand names, including vitamins, medical cosmetics and other preparations which make for drugstores the greatest profit. Earlier the state regulated margins only on group of the vital preparations (1,4 thousand names).

Participants of the pharmaceutical market consider that the Cabinet of Ministers established too small profitability on drugs. "The normal margin for retail of 28-31%", - considers the chairman of the Nikolaev pharmaceutical association Elena Prudnikova. According to representatives of GSLSIMP, in rural settlements it has to be even higher - about 35%.

As a result, approves a press - the secretary of GSLSIMP Elena Litsoyeva, now drugstores earn only on condition of big commodity turnover or on sale of expensive import drugs. "Cheap drugs, and it first of all a domestic production are withdrawn from sale", - she explains.

As a result the Ukrainian producers reduce volumes of the production. "We now let out less medicines, - the head reported a press - services of the Borshchagovsky chemist - pharmaceutical plant Vasily Manko. - The main reason that distributors ceased to pay to us".

Participants of the market allocate also other problems which have led to deterioration of a situation in pharmaceutical branch. So, according to Elena Prudnikova, the economic crisis affected falling of sales of drugstores also. "The buyer became less solvent, and the small wholesale receives less profit that pulls for itself a chain of nonpayments under contracts", - she explains.

Besides, since November 18 the state laboratories stopped reception of samples of imported preparations, from - for what distributors can't process to them documents. According to representatives of the pharmaceutical companies, such situation occurred from - for reorganization in Ministry of Health. "It can lead to disappearance of import production from shelves of drugstores", - the director of projects and strategic development of the distributor of the pharmaceutical preparations "Artur — To" Evgeny Nikushin predicts.

The situation is aggravated with a growing dollar rate. "Importing into Ukraine goods at the rate of 5 hryvnias for 1 dollar, having added most resolved 15%, we receive 5,75, - Nikushin speaks. - Having granted a delay to a drugstore for 15-30 days, we already deal with a rate of 6 hryvnias". As a result, according to the pharmacist of purchasing department of a network of drugstores "Avicenna" (Vinnytsia) of Elena Kucherovskaya, now deliveries of drugs for import producers practically stopped. "From - for a dollar rate to distributors it is unprofitable to sell now", - the pharmacist summarized.


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