The fictitious enterprises and "tax holes" can be revealed now practically in a mode it - a line

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On a press - conferences of the first deputy head, the head of department of tax police of GNA in the Nikolaev area Nikolay Matora which took place on December 2, besides results of work of tax police in 11 months of the current year the question so-called "tax holes" also was brought up.

"The tax hole" is a subject of economic activity who is used by other taxpayers for receiving "tax benefit" in the form of evasion of taxes, illegal compensation of the VAT from taxes and so forth

In other words is the enterprise with fictitiousness signs which, writing out tax consignment notes, gives opportunity to the contractors to form expensive part and the tax credit, thus doesn't declare gross revenues, tax obligations and doesn't pay taxes in the budget.

"Usually at such enterprises there are no fixed assets, the director, the accountant and the founder is the one person, etc.", - Nikolay Matora explained signs of fictitiousness of the enterprises.

He also told that earlier tax specialists revealed such enterprises only during planned and unscheduled documentary inspections of legal taxpayers, checks of operational information. However to application of the appropriate measures of reaction the enterprise with signs of fictitiousness managed to go out of business or be liquidated according to the decision of owners, avoiding responsibility.

But since April the automated interpretation of tax obligations and the tax credit on the VAT of taxpayers that it allows to reveal such "tax holes" practically in a mode - a line was entered.

Nikolay Matora reported that the question of creation of a databank of such fictitious enterprises which will be published on GNA website is understood today.

It will allow to reveal the enterprises of such category more quickly. Also there is more effective a working off of so-called "beneficiaries" - really operating enterprises which try to minimize the tax obligations by means of the "fictitious" enterprises.

"Today already a number of transactions are recognized invalid in vessels, concrete results are received. The income of the state from work of tax police increased. For example, there are enterprises which about 100 thousand UAH paid in the budget, however after working off the sum of taxes for this enterprise increased to 2,5-3 million UAH", - Nikolay Matora reported.

At the end the press - conferences Nikolay Matora appealed to all taxpayers to work is transparent, honestly and not to allow in the activity of interaction with subjects of a hozdeyatelnost with doubtful reputation.

"I would like to inform to ordinary citizens, businessmen and heads of the enterprises that tax production and control - test work is used by tax authorities only as the tool for achievement of a main objective - stable lawful receipt of funds in the budget, transparent work of the operating enterprises and to improvement of all economy as a whole", - the head of department of tax police of GNA in the Nikolaev area declared.


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