The Ukrainian enterprises chose four anti-recessionary strategy

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The enterprises of Ukraine developed four strategy of actions in the conditions of an economic crisis. Oksana Kuzyakiv reported about it during the Round table on the basis of preliminary results of quarterly poll of heads of 300 industrial enterprises of Ukraine the executive director of Institute of economic researches and political consultations.

According to poll data, the enterprises have four strategy of behavior in a crisis situation.

The first - "to do nothing" - about 25% of heads of the enterprises are going to adhere to this strategy.

The second strategy is a revision business - the plan, adjournment or reduction of investments, product range change, energy saving measures. As noted Kuzyakiv, it is strategy are going to use more successful enterprises are about 20% of respondents.

The third strategy - output reduction, dismissal of workers - also about 20%.

The fourth - rise in prices. About 25% plan to use this strategy.

Also Kuzyakiv reported that according to results of poll of 15% of the interrogated heads made the decision on dismissal of workers and 26,3% consider such measure probable if the situation worsens. Another 12,3% made the decision on change of an operating mode of employees, and 20,5% will possibly make such decision.

Thus 23,9% made the decision on rise in prices of selling prices of production, 34,9% probably will make such decision. Another 31% of the interrogated heads decided to reduce output, 25% probably will take similar step. 28,8% of respondents will reconsider business - the plan for 2009, 20,5% possibly will make it. 15% will introduce energy saving technologies, 25,8% will possibly make such decision, 9,9% will replace the outdated equipment, 17% will possibly take such step. At the same time 24,1% of respondents will undertake nothing.

Кузякив noted that 54% of the interrogated respondents consider that the economic situation in the country is result mainly of influence of a political situation in the country, 44% of respondents consider that a political situation and world financial crisis. And only 2% of the interrogated heads consider that the present economic situation is result of influence of only world financial crisis.


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