The Nikolaev enterprises started reducing, dismissing, sending employees on leave "at own expense"

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According to data of the Nikolaev regional center of employment, the area enterprise among which "Sandora", NGZ, "Zorya - Mashproyekt", submitted lists on possible reduction of 522 people, 156 from them are already dismissed.

As the director of the Nikolaev regional center of employment Nikolay Vorona reported to our edition, a number of the Nikolaev enterprises warned the employees about possible reduction.

So, "The Nikolaev aluminous plant" provides reduction of 183 people, 68 from them are already dismissed, JSC Sandora will probably reduce 76 employees but while in the employment center information on the dismissed staff of this enterprise didn't arrive. The Nikolaev sea trade port already dismissed 47 people, reduction of 34 more employees is provided, by GP "Zorya — Mashproyekt" will probably reduce 342 employees, 7 people are already dismissed. "Data on, whether are reduced the staff of the Nikolaev enterprises in that quantity which is provided, will be not earlier than the end of December - the beginning of January", - Nikolay Vorona noted.

At 11 enterprises of the Nikolaev area of 720 workers went on unpaid leave. In particular, at the Yuzhenergostroy enterprise of 70 people went on leave "at own expense" for 14 days, in locomotive depot "Nikolaev" - 130 people for 15 days.

At 39 enterprises of area of 9,25 thousand people work in a mode of a part-time employment. That is, the number of the working days, or number of working hours a day is reduced. So 4 days work at Fregat plant of 800 people a week, in locomotive depot "Nikolaev" of 809 people 2,5 days a week work, working week is reduced by DP "Nikolaev River Trade Port" till 4 days, 490 employees work. Staff of Okean plant works according to the schedule, that is, payment at the enterprise is made почасово for actually fulfilled time.

In total in the Nikolaev regional center of employment data on existence of 2,26 thousand vacancies are submitted to areas.

The number of not employed citizens in the Nikolaev area as of December 4 left 22,119 thousand people.


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