Vyacheslav Mazarati: IFC "Nikolaev", at least, has to return on positions which took in the first league

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On a press - conferences after a match with "Knyazhey-2" the head coach of IFC "Nikolaev" Vyacheslav Mazarati briefly summed up the results of performance of the wards in the leena - autumn part of the football championship:

- All know that happened to team after the termination of the previous season. We left the first league not from - for tournament indicators, and on financial problems. The team was actually disbanded. And reanimated it in five days prior to the new championship. IFC "Nikolaev" rescued though it was necessary to go to the second league.

By that moment all football players already found a job in other collectives. Therefore completed team in an emergency order from those players who were free. And it generally the pupils of the Nikolaev soccer acting in the regional championship whom the trainer's structure carried to the category of the perspective. Already during tournament tried to amplify at the expense of free players from other cities. So we had Okhrimenko, Vasilyev, Volkov.

At any stage recruits showed a maximum of which were capable. If to take results of the first circle in attention, we took the eighth place. And such result corresponds to force of our team.

Four games of the second circle turned out failure - only one point from 12. At many football players by the season end silenka simply ran low, and didn't teach to play through "I can't" them. Affected quality of game of a trauma of Vasilyev and Yaryukhin, and also continuous disqualifications from - for removals and searches of yellow cards.

- Whether there were in this season matches which brought you satisfaction?

- No, wasn't. As I want, the team didn't play never.

- Someone from football players progressed throughout tournament?

- All played at the level. Some progress, perhaps, was noticeable only in Matyushov's game.

- What prospects at present structure of IFC "Nikolaev"?

- At most the sixth - the eighth places.

- What changes will happen in team in a winter interval?

- To say goodbye to excess players for us began on a championship course.Andreyev considered that stay in a stock - not its level and left in the unknown direction. After game with "Arsenal" already on my initiative Volkov, refused to leave in the field from a bench is deducted. These 19 - summer children still plainly anywhere didn't play, and already here such ambitions.

Vasilyev has a desire to find a job in Russia. If it doesn't turn out, it will return. Curve we rented at Ternopol "Field" therefore Dmitry comes back to the order of this team. All other children have contracts for a year and while none of them didn't express desire ahead of schedule them to terminate.

- So the subject of selection is actual for team?

- Naturally. But at first the purposes and tasks on the second circle have to be sounded and financial funds are allocated. Present budget of the team doesn't allow to invite more qualified football players from outside. As for the players acting in the championship of the Nikolaev area, we know opportunities of many of them and we watch their performances. For example, with us Alexander Babeyko from FC "Varvarovka" already trained.

- How the IFC "Nikolaev" will prepare for the second circle?

- Specifically while we know nothing. Officially anybody and sounded nothing. And I don't use hearings. Now football players were sent on leave and will gather after New year. Here then, probably, it will be already possible to speak about plans for the future and about the one who will carry out them.

I am an optimist and I believe that everything will be good. Fans of soccer need to suffer a little more. After all to the Nikolaev team not a place in the middle of standings of the second league. At least, it has to return on positions which took in the first league.


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