The Nikolaev forestry for "mitigation" of consequences of an economic crisis will trade … in fir-trees

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Trade in New Year trees and pines, so to speak - without intermediaries becomes one of methods for "maintenance of trousers" lesookhotnichy economy of the Nikolaev area. The money received in the course of trade will go for further development of forests. I reported about it on today's a press - conferences the chief of regional forestry Pyotr Palamaryuk.

"A task it is worth not to working for business, first of all, … Can do it and it is wrong on the one hand - not to give to business owners to earn kopek … But now financial crisis, and one of anti-recessionary methods is that ourselves could sell to the maximum New Year trees. From this to receive to the maximum money, and then to enclose them in management work", - Pyotr Palamaryuk declared.

As for places where New Year's beauties will be on sale, that, according to the head of department, will trade in them on all area. However, districts will be the main places of trade. In Nikolaev opening of eight points of trade by fir-trees is supposed for today.

The chief of lesookhotnichy economy of the Nikolaev area and a subject of illegal cutting down of fir-trees mentioned.

"There is at us a village such in the New Odessa area - Zayva, in which mass unauthorized cabins. There now there is the round-the-clock watch. It is one of the most "unsafe" areas as it is near the city of Nikolaev. Therefore we created working road groups. We, of course, understand that is unreal not to allow that it wasn't cut down illegally any pine or a fir-tree … But all becomes for minimization of it", - Palamaryuk emphasized.

Apropos the price of New Year trees, that, according to Pyotr Nikolaevich, it will average, depending on a grade, 25 hryvnias for meter.


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