Gleb Golovchenko predicted a doomsday. "HIV/AIDS all the same will ruin all"

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At meeting in College of the press and television all began "grandly - nobly" - spoke about collecting things for children in a boarding school No. 3. To the publisher of the Gorozhanin magazine Yury Yurin who has started missing from such too of "smooth" conversation, climbed up mind to transfer a topic of conversation to more "problem" course. Without any logical transition started speaking about HIV/AIDS problem in Nikolaev.

Yurin emphasized that every day in Nikolayevshchina one person dies of HIV - an infection. Every month 150 HIV - infected are registered. In Nikolaev there are on the account more than 3600 addicts. With reference to the Yuzhnaya Pravda newspaper it was noted that Nikolaev wins "honourable" first place in Ukraine on the HIV/AIDS level.

According to him, on a cover of the following number of "Citizen" the girl dying of AIDS, which parents - addicts will be represented. At the same time he noted that, in connection with crisis, doesn't know when there is the following issue of the magazine. He addressed to present with an appeal to help it "correctly to let out" this number and to give support. As it appeared, not financial, but information. It expressed the confusion to those the fact that subject HIV/AIDS rises in the Nikolaev mass media as in Nikolaev the mass of actions for HIV rescue - infected is carried out insufficiently, but they don't find the reflection in mass media.

- When to me say that where - that something "do, and there are no journalists", it strains me. I suggest it not to mix, - Gleb Golovchenko asked.

Nevertheless, the topic of conversation was pleasant to the principal of the press and television, he decided it to support.

- I communicated yesterday with group of doctors, - he reported. - They have one accurate specific proposal - in the conditions of Nikolaev and epidemic of HIV/AIDS to make surely the analysis on HIV. I came to hospital - make at first the test.Why we hand over today флюорограмму why we pass онкоосмотр, and at HIV epidemic the doctor doesn't know to whom he in general talks? And the most important that for the doctor it not figurative danger, and if he carries out surgery and, God forbid, blood will get on a mucous membrane of an eye, it already will be HIV - an infection. Here we have to support a position of doctors.

Vyacheslav Golovchenko sitting near Gleb Golovchenko who was presented by the chairman of the board of trustees of College of the press and television, noted that at the birth of children from HIV - positive parents the percent of defeat is smallest - in 97% of the child it is possible to save from HIV infection at childbirth. But here everything depends on what problems will arise at obstetric aid. In other words, the child won't catch if at the time of delivery blood of mother doesn't get to his body.

The old accepted truths were repeated: safe sex - the very first way of protection against HIV, an additional way - in time the made test. But doctors (especially stomatologists, urologists, surgeons) are every day in a risk zone. Yes what there to say about doctors and about hospitals - even having come to manikyurny salon or to a hairdressing salon, the person, never thinking or dream, can infect the person of HIV - an infection or to catch.

It was said also that, in order to avoid infection distribution under the name AIDS, addicts need to give new sterile syringes, instead of to rattle on with them that them, probably, will once cure. It is necessary to ring anywhere and everywhere how to escape from AIDS and that for this purpose it is necessary to do.

- Also it is necessary to write not only to "The southern truth" at which average age of the reader - 70 years, and, probably, and in more youth editions, - was told by Vyacheslav Golovchenko.

- Doctors - the same victims, as well as addicts. Today it deals with the patient - tomorrow he on a place of the patient. And earlier they thought that will earn on addicts that will be able to earn on HIV - infected. And we have to tell them: dear doctors, your business will end soon because it won't be simple people, they won't be physically.

It sounded frightening statistics: on ten people seven infected. Thus, according to Gleb Golovchenko's theory, in audience from 13 people there are not less than eight HIV - infected which "at all don't know about it".

The attention present is paid was and on other side of the problem.To donors of blood do only the analysis on RV, and it gives less than a half of a picture of a state of health of the person. Besides, blood can be transfused to the person on the same day when it was taken from the donor while on receiving results of the analysis three days are required. Therefore, such operation on life rescue as transfusion, can appear at the same time and murder as together with blood to the person the whole bunch of diseases among which - and HIV/AIDS can be "poured in".

Why this conversation was lifted, and remained unclear. In discussion the result wasn't summed up at all. In the end Gleb Golovchenko remembered that gathered - that all to think as it is possible to collect things for children from the third boarding school. And that as - that more - to coordinate one to another less "decently", he told:

- So, we were defined that HIV/AIDS all the same will ruin all. These things won't be necessary for us. So let's at least manage give these things to children...


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