Return of the credits: it is better to speak frankly with banks

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To pay the credits, Ukrainians even more often go on crimes. The statistics testifies: the number of the thefts caused by intention to give the credit in bank, grows in Ukraine. However, experts advise to conduct negotiations with banking institutions.

Especially problem there are returns of currency loans. Typical situation: the dollar rate grew, the bank increased a rate, and the income of the ordinary borrower decreased - at best if didn't discharge from office - because crisis. In such situation many people take extreme measures and a criminal way get money, or at all don't pay the credit.

In the comment "To the German wave" the expert in bankings Stepan Kubiv reported that return of the credits is a priority problem. If the situation is difficult, the borrower should address in bank and to explain the failure to pay reasons, the expert considers. In his opinion, banks it is more favorable to cooperate with the client and to re-structure credit payment, than to take away pledge. At the same time, to avoid psychological pressure, the expert advises in writing to address in bank:

"It is better if the client communicates with bank in the form of correspondence. Also will use legal consultation". These letters can be used in court if business passes into the legal plane. The expert also considers that services of collector agencies which are engaged in "knocking-out" of money at unfair borrowers, the few banks because this sector of services isn't developed use now and activity of such agencies legislatively isn't settled.


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