"Yuzhenergostroy" plans to reduce to 90% of employees

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The Nikolaev primary trade-union organizations already report in the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions about the forthcoming reductions or transition to incomplete working week at the enterprises where they work.

But, unfortunately, at all at every second Nikolaev enterprise is trade-union the organization which can defend the rights of workers.

"Administrations of the enterprises say that while simply warn about possible reduction, and there, maybe, "will get out". The management works not with labor union, and with each certain worker, persuades him, say, on unpaid holiday. If the administration worked through labor unions, these measures would be coordinated. We speak about social partnership, social dialogue, but this dialogue unequal, forces aren't equal because often people are afraid to lose the workplace and are ready to make concessions to administration", - the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions Margarita Sapozhnikova reported.

Margarita Aleksandrovna notes that legal literacy of the population is very low. Not all people know, which payments at dismissal are put by it.

In collective agreements of each enterprise, restrictions register in the General contract and industry agreements on reduction of number of employees. So, in the Regional contract it is stated that no more than 5% of employees can be subject to reduction, industry agreements assume reduction of 4-7% of employees. According to Margarita Sapozhnikova, at some enterprises, for example, at the Yuzhenergostroy enterprise, already now about possible reduction more than 90% of employees are warned: "In case of mass reductions there can be some options of actions: to file a lawsuit for non-performance by the employer of conditions of the collective agreement on a salary, on reduction. It is possible to begin collective labor dispute with the help of National service of mediation and reconciliation. There participate not only the employer and labor union, but also bodies which are allocated with the state certain powers, can find out objectivity carried out by administration of the enterprise of actions".

As Margarita Sapozhnikova notes that at the large Nikolaev enterprises trade-union committees are more independent of the employer, than at the small enterprises where the labor union works on a voluntary basis. Therefore they have more than opportunities to protect the rights of the employees.

JSC Yuzhenergostroy - the versatile civil engineering firm founded on base of Management of construction Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant. One of the main construction objects of "Yuzhenergostroy" is the Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant.


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