Navigation restriction across Bugsko - Dneprovsko - to the limansky channel on a hand to the port of Ochakov of Novinsky?

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In Mintranssvyaz passes coordination the project of changes in "Rules of swimming and pilot pilotage in North - the western part of the Black Sea, Bugsko - Dneprovsko - limansky and Kherson sea channels". In the draft document it is offered to enter restrictions for navigation of vessels at night, in connection with weather conditions and at ice conductings, to reduce the speed of movement of vessels, to forbid the round-the-clock movement of heavy-tonnage and container vessels, and also to reduce the power of towing providing on conducting of heavy-tonnage vessels.

However, this initiative had many opponents from ports. Last week with a request to interfere with a situation representatives of private terminals addressed to the chairman of parliamentary committee on transport and communication Vladimir Kozak.

The matter is that across Bugsko - Dneprovsko - to the limansky channel is provided pass of sea vessels to Nikolaev, October and Dnepro - to Bugsky to seaports (Mintranssvyaz system), the Nikolaev river port (ASK "Ukrrrechflot"), private terminals "Nick - Tera", "Nibulon", "Ukrpishchesbytsyrye", to the Nikolaev aluminous plant, three ship-building enterprises and other objects of a sea complex.

Now from 15 thousand vessels passing annually on BDLK, about 3-4 thousand (20-25% судопотока) pass in a night-time. If the mentioned restrictions are accepted, these vessels will expect light time of day that isn't always convenient to shipowners and ports. "Deterioration of conditions of navigation causes negative reaction of shipping companies and cargo owners, will lead to decrease in volumes of processing is export - inward and transit cargoes, to failures in work of the industrial enterprises", - it is noted in the address of representatives of private terminals.

Opponents of modification consider that their acceptance will lead to decrease in competitiveness of ports of the region and will increase expenses of shipowners approximately by $35-40 million. Such sum would turn out at the rate of delays of each vessel of a jota for days at an average daily rate of a freight in $10 thousand

As a rule, similar toughening of conditions of navigation is reaction to low level of safety and significant increase in accident rate. These tasks are in competence GP "The Delta — the Pilot" which over the last ten years made considerable investments in creation of systems of safety of navigation in this area. If to trust statistics, a situation on BDLK the quite safe. In 1999-2003 the average value of accident rate was reduced with 12 to 7 incidents a year. And after 2004 this indicator became even more optimistical - 3,3 incidents a year. For the specified period the regional service of regulation of movement of vessels on BDLK and HMK, the center of training of pilots and pilots - operators was created, new technologies for increase of safety of navigation were developed and took root.

For example, in 2004 on BDLK dredging works on increase in a checkpoint a precipitation from 9,8 m to 10,3 m were complete, turn zones were expanded, zones of a divergence of vessels are created, movement speed is increased, movement in a night-time was authorized.

As for Rules of navigation, for the first time they were accepted in 1998. And the last edition of this document was approved all a year ago by the Mintransvyaz No. 655 order of the August 1, 2007, 5.10.2007 registered in Ministry of Justice. Than need of introduction of the next changes is dictated? There are some versions.

On one of them, restriction on BDLK on a hand to investors of construction of port in Ochakovo. It is known that this project worth €1,5 billion intends to realize "A smart - holding" Vadim Novinsky. As this port will be at the exit to the Black Sea, new rules it won't concern. However the port has to appear only in three years, and by new rules it is necessary to work in the short term.

Therefore, probably, present discussion of Mintranssvyaz and group of the Nikolaev ports only a reason for next "auction" between department and managing subjects.


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