The international investment forum in Nikolaev is a MYTH?

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On December 18 in Nikolaev will pass the regional international investment forum (IIF). The day before on air of Nikolaev state TV channel I told about it to the deputy chief of head department of economy local YEAH Mikhail Tulsky.

He told about three main directions of the investment projects offered by the region guests of a forum. They are rather various: from opportunities of participation in development of Ochakov and Galitsinovo ports or acquisition of the land plots under industrial sites and agricultural production to the tourist industry. For participants of a forum from several countries which agreed to visit this action in our corner of the world, photo albums, booklets and other evident information are prepared, the forum site is already started.

It should be noted that the subject of a forum was more than once discussed in mass media among experts - organizers and experts. Without denying importance of similar business "shows" of opportunities of the Nikolaev area, a number of observers agree in opinion that time of carrying out the MYTH - not the most successful.

The matter is that it is interesting to present investors not only with benefit to invest money, they also demand additional pleasures: exotic entertainments pleasant to a look of landscapes and other elements of "dolce vita". And Nikolaev - not Davos, especially - in the sad winter.

That our blessed earth still far isn't plowed up" by investments, including - own, it isn't necessary to prove long. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian private and state owners still use those capacities which were created in the Soviet Ukraine. It concerns also the large industry in Nikolaevsk the region. And at the same time at us medium-sized enterprises with "Sandor's" foreign capital, "Laktalis", "Sun InBev" decided to be equipped, "Nibulon", etc. Another thing is that from - for an adverse financial situation the forum will be ignored by those investment funds which surely would "peck" half a year ago on Nikolaev business - lures.

On the other hand, crisis by crisis, but money in the world didn't become less. And when someone loses, someone finds and often doesn't know where to apply this find.

So to say that the Nikolaev regional MYTH will give zero effect, ранов


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