Borrowers didn't receive a definite answer from the head of department of National Bank in the Nikolaev area

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Yesterday, after protest action "Borrowers against credit slavery", the meeting of organizers of an action with the head of department of National bank of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Mikhail Klimenko took place. About results of negotiations our edition was told by Alexander Murlyan.

Andrey Anatolyevich told that, as one would expect, Mikhail Klimenko didn't tell anything concrete and helped nothing to borrowers, moreover it in every possible way interfered with practical actions for the help to those who took the currency credit. "With signatures of borrowers it, of course, accepted the address" - Andrey Murlyan tells - "But told that can't help, referring to that the National bank of Ukraine solves not everything and it has no tools to solve current situation".

But, according to Andrey Murlyan, Mikhail Klimenko could change a situation, having created precedent in NBU. If showed the civic stand and I rose in defense of borrowers.

"For today's night the dollar rate fell to 20% and it testifies that in Niatsionalny bank not everything is quiet" - Andrey Anatolyevich speaks. According to him the borrower who would pay on the credit yesterday, would lose a large sum today and no penalties would block this loss. "And what if tomorrow the dollar will be 6 hryvnias? Thus there is a sense not to pay the credits today" - are declared by Andrey Murlyan - "This situation is artificially simulated. I am not going to do political career, I have melkosobstvennichesky interests. And such interests at many nikolayevets. We want normally and to be engaged quietly in the business".

So borrowers, without having received a definite answer from the head of department of National Bank in the Nikolaev area, will be, as promised, to carry out the following protest action on December 25, 2008.


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