NBU forbade banks to give out the credits in foreign currency

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The national bank published the resolution No. 406 of December 1 "About the adoption of changes in the situation "About an Order of Formation and Reserve Use for Compensation of Possible Losses on Credit Operations of Banks". This document NBU actually I forbade since December 28 crediting in foreign currency.

By new rules at consumer credit delivery in currency - "standard" debt - banks are obliged to reserve 50% of the sum of the credit (in hryvnia - only 2%); if delay on the credit makes at least one day - debt "under control" - 100% (in hryvnia - 10%). 100-percentage reservation has to be and in other categories of debt: "substandard" (31-60 days), "doubtful" (61-90) and "hopeless" (over 91 days). Earlier reservation on the currency consumer credits made 2%, 10%, 40%, 80% and 100% respectively. If the credit is given to the borrower without currency income, to it the new formula of reservation of 50% and 100% also is applied. For other currency borrowers old proportions - 2%, 7%, 25%, 60% and 100% respectively remain. The uniform consumer credits - the loans for the current requirements which are granted to the borrower - the natural person, their total amount according to one or several credit agreements (irrespective of providing existence) doesn't exceed 20 thousand UAH


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