Bill Gates computerizes the Nikolaev libraries if to him help Demchenko with Garkusha

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Bill Gates's international fund is ready to computerize rural libraries of the Nikolaev area on condition of parallel financial support of local government. About it reported in regional scientific library of A. Gmyrev.

Recently the library organized a forum of rural libraries which tried to pay attention of the authorities to problems of rural libraries. At a forum there was a representative of the International fund of Bill Gates, the project coordinator "Global Libraries" Elena Vikhor.

In the performance she emphasized that the computer is a tool which has to turn rural library into the center of social and economic activity that each inhabitant, including the rural farmer or the businessman, the pensioner or the authority, could come here and find the necessary information which would help it to develop the business, to study or communicate with native which are far.

By words the Tuft, fund invests in development of libraries so much, how many and local government. It is the principle of its work. If the power is interested in that in library there was a computer center, it have to take care of normal conditions and a decent salary of the librarian.

The fund already carried out the corresponding questioning of rural libraries of area through regional scientific library of a name of A.Gmyrev, and will analyze now them to find out which of them are ready to opening the computer centers on their base.

The fund already realized similar projects in Mexico, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and other countries.


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