Mass media: In Ukraine the anti-collection companies

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Not always borrowers in forces independently to protect own interests in the relations with banks. In that case, tells the edition "Put" to them a rescue the special companies - anti-collectors can come.

Problem of an anti-collector - to help the borrower who had difficulties in credit payment.

Options of troubles can be much: one client doesn't agree with increase of an interest rate for the credit, another experiences temporary difficulties and tries to agree with bankers about "credit vacation", the help when bank tries to take away mortgage property is necessary for the third, on the fourth simply "press" collectors.

Anti-collectors claim that the speech doesn't go at all to returning money to bank. "Miracles after all don't happen. Even at the most favorable option for the debtor - contract recognition invalid - proceeds of credit should be returned", - the senior partner of law firm "Ilyashev and Partners" Roman Marchenko speaks.

The matter is that after the judgment on invalidity of the contract each party (bank and the client) gives the received property according to the cancelled transaction to other party. In other words, the borrower will pay off only on a credit body, without percent and penalties. Thus the amount of debt will be reduced by the size of percent already paid to bank.

But the main issue - as long it will pay according to obligations. "If payments become attached to an official salary, the debt can be stretched for many years", - the director of the anti-collection company "SI — Viks" Sergey Ferdyuk tells. But right there notices that practice of recognition of the contract by the invalid - very rare. "In banks good lawyers too sit, and they insure themselves against such situations", - he adds.

Anti-collectors for the Ukrainian market - the phenomenon new therefore the accurate price policy in the market doesn't exist.

The cost of services most often depends on the loan size.If it is the consumer credit in 5-10 thousand hryvnias, lawyers can tell the client about his rights and sequence of actions on a case of persistent calls of collection agencies, will help to make necessary letters and even statements of claim, but here won't be to carry out judicial maintenance in this case. It is simply unprofitable for the borrower.

If it is a question of larger credits - a mortgage and car loans - the agency will be able to call the exact cost of services only after detailed consideration of documents and credit conditions.


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