The Nikolaev militiamen walked on illegal outlets

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Today, on June 11, the staff of administration of the Central district together with regional department of militia carried out an inspection of legality of work of trade activity on one of the spontaneous markets of Nikolaev. For the first time during similar raid militiamen withdrew illegally realized goods.

Militiamen and staff of district administration checked at sellers of the small spontaneous market existence of documents on the right to be engaged in business activity. Are spontaneous the market works along Komsomolskaya Street, behind the Yuliana market.

According to the deputy head of administration of the Central district - Valentin Krasilich, the regional administration not the first time carries out here an inspection, but there was no opportunity to withdraw goods earlier - there was no place for its storage.

- Under the law if the court decides to return goods to owners, it have to return in the same look, as well as withdrew. The goods withdrawn today to a judgment will be stored on cold-storage facility. Earlier we simply wrote out to sellers a penalty, and these are only 17 hryvnias, they it paid and quietly further worked. So fight was inefficient.

Except militiamen and the staff of administration in operation part was taken by trade services, a sanstantion and veterinarians. However, the last work in the market wasn't as the booth with ham was closed today.

The checking described goods, moved it on scales of owners, registered everything in protocols and took away on cold-storage facility. During raid everything did without fights, but the discontent stated not only sellers, and and buyers in the spontaneous market.

The seller of vegetables Larisa told that works at the market as the offtaker, the outlet belongs to the hostess who pays to it percent from revenue. The woman and itself against such trade, but other way out it doesn't find - it is necessary to feed and dress children, to survive as - that, and it can't find well paid legal work. The seller Oleg who sells vegetables at retail, bought at wholesale price supported her. The man doesn't see for himself other work which will allow to support the wife and two children.The girl Zina told that to this market she worked as the offtaker at the lawful markets, the seller in a supermarket, here only good money anywhere didn't receive.

- I in a month for will eat apartments to crying hundred dollars. To put on, eat - where on it to take money? I worked in a supermarket - without service record earlier, and money from a salary all the same calculated (taxes - the bus comment), thus an experience didn't go. Here also it was necessary to be engaged in illegal trade. You think, I well live? I get up every day at three o'clock in the morning, I go on wholesale, I buy goods, itself I drag bags, I carry to people products at lower price, and it turns out, I also the criminal. Well, unless it is fair - there is no place to work, the housing can't be bought. I even can't bring children, it is necessary to turn constantly, - the girl with tears in the eyes told.

Supported the sellers who have got under check, regular customers. The inhabitant of the area Nina told that always buys products in this market, and still never her deceived, didn't shortchange and didn't give short weight. Many buyers who remained today without goods "cheaper" supported her.


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