China will complete the aircraft carrying cruiser "Varangian" bought from Ukraine by 2010

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By 2015 China intends to construct the two first an aircraft carrier of middle class with the displacement of 50-60 thousand tons of c non-nuclear power plants.

Construction of the ships has to begin in 2009 on shipyard near Shanghai.

At the same time Chinese military intend to finish modernization of the unfinished heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Varangian" bought from Ukraine to use it for training of pilots of deck aircraft, transfer

The construction plan of aircraft carriers in Armed forces of the People's Republic of China was developed to fall of 2008.

But the official statement of Beijing concerning intentions to begin creation of such ships was made only last week though earlier the Chinese military denied these plans.

The aircraft carrier, according to the senior colonel Juan Syuepin, has to become "a symbol of force of the nation and competitiveness of fleet of the country".

In case the aircraft carrier is constructed and will be a part of fleet, he will allow armed forces of China of a message operations far in the high sea, including regions which are inaccessible to the planes which are based on land airfields.

However, according to military analysts, most likely, the aircraft carrier has to become means of control of the USA in case of the conflict beginning round Taiwan which China considers as the territory.

The ship also can give to Beijing essential advantage in the possible conflicts to neighbors in the region.

Aircraft carriers, according to plans of the Chinese military, will be based on the island of Hainan and to work mainly in Is southern - the Chinese sea.

Besides, according to some sources, as deck aircraft of the People's Republic of China plans to buy about 50 Russian planes of SU-33.

Reference: The aircraft carrying cruiser "Varangian" (till June 19, 1990 - "Riga", since 2008 - "Shi Lang" - the heavy aircraft carrying cruiser of the project 1143.6 is developed in the Nevsky proyektno - design office under the leadership of V. F. Anikiyev.

On August 21, 1985 it is enlisted in lists of the ships of the Navy and on December 6, 1985 it is put at the Black Sea shipbuilding plant in Nikolaev (factory No. 106), it is lowered on November 25, 1988.

In 1993 under the contract between Ukraine and Russia "Varangian" departed to Ukraine.

In 1992 at 67% of technical readiness construction was suspended, the ship is preserved and subsequently is sold to China.

In April 1998 it is sold to the Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd company for 20 million dollars.

Towage of the ship lasted 627 days.

At the beginning of 2008 the ship received the name "Shi Lang", in honor of the Chinese commander, and board number "83".

Sea tests of the repaired aircraft carrier can already begin in 2008.

Now the cruiser is on inspection and repair in dry dock voyenno - sea base in the city of Dalian.

Plans It is national - a liberation army of China concerning an aircraft carrier remain uncertain.

Analysts discuss a number of opportunities: input in a system or use as bases for trainings.

However according to statements of some Chinese officials the aircraft carrier can be entered into fighting structure of Naval Forces of China in 2010.


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