The fairy tale about Morozko - Putin, or "Oh, these sterveets - 3"

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I stay at home yesterday in the Orenburg down kerchief, in socks woolen, brought from still not sovereign Caucasus. In the apartment, we will tell so, cool. I dozed off and the dream that I sit in the wood under a fir-tree dreams me, the blizzard and runs round Morozko's snow-covered tree with the person and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's voice and asks me: Whether "Heat to you, maiden? ". "Heat, I speak, the father, heat, Morozushka! After all not for I "am so heated" (I freeze that is), I know that there will be to me a chest with gifts! " "Good you are a maiden, neperechlivy. On what gifts you count? " - Morozushka passionlessly asks, and know to itself a staff a blizzard fills. "And these gifts magic are called freedom and democracy, the separate external course, the separate right of interpretation of the history, the opportunity to celebrate great dates and mournful events", - I speak to it. And suddenly unexpectedly for myself I finish: "All your advisers, Morozushka who left you, on a TV set too about freedom love say that all these values cost much. Here, for example, in due time Baltic endured gas problems and today Estonia - the free country where there live free people and is there free court. And it is so free, what even acquitted three guys who protecting in Estonia your bronze soldier from local population and have arranged there thus disorders. I here for such court, instead of for what across Morozkin to command keeps the pregnant woman and the patient with tuberculosis because they had honor to work in the company Yukos" in prison.

- And your sonny doesn't freeze? - Morozko is interested.

- Such room temperature most that for kids. So our pediatricians write.But when he will grow up, he will go to serve in the real reformed army, and won't build giving to generals, won't protect nobody's business in Chechnya. Also won't fly by planes to beat civilians of Primorsky Krai, only because they want to go by good cars (roads there, itself you know what), and them force to go on bad, domestic that is. Because the domestic are done by the friend Morozki. You see how it happens, unloved you orange color with which left striking, I revived in the Far East …

- And how many you are ready to suffer, the maiden? - Morozko wasn't appeased.

I woke up as my father came to retell to me the Russian news.

- Putin told that he doesn't trust the international observers who will arrive and will drink vodka in hotels of Kiev, - respectful whisper the father told.

- Eh, the father, interrupted such dream. It is clear, that Morozka has a wide experience of reception of the international observers. He well knows how it in Russia, and thinks that in Ukraine all also. You think, what it is better to start up on our GTS the KGB commission from Gazprom? - I told and again dozed off...

- So how many you are ready to suffer, the maiden? - again I knocked with Morozko's staff in my dream.

- Yes we will suffer - how many here till spring remained …

Masha Mishchenko


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