"Nikolayevoblteploenergo" OKP while works steadily, but defaulters will be disconnected the first

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The situation with natural gas, and as a result if to consider far not April weather behind a window, and heating, in the Nikolaev area meanwhile remains stable. In any case, of it the correspondent of "N News" was assured by phone by the chief of OKP of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" Vladimir Bereznitsky. According to the chief of the municipal enterprise, at this stage ordinary consumers for the present didn't feel on themselves interruptions in gas - they fully fell on shoulders of the industrial enterprises.

"Works on restriction of selection of gas on industrial consumers are now carried out. Our enterprise yet don't touch, and the population yet doesn't feel shortage of gas. The enterprise works in steadily - an economical mode, without reducing temperature in rooms of consumers", - Vladimir Bereznitsky declared.

As for transition to alternative types of fuel, the chief of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" noted that technologically to make it extremely hard.

"On the boiler rooms served by our enterprise, transition to alternative types of fuel wasn't carried out. Technical capability of transition demands a considerable financial investment and on time - and it and replacement of storages of furnace devices, and replacement of torches... it can borrow from 3 to 9 months. Therefore transition to alternative fuel is carried out by those enterprises which can pass to it within an hour or two that is if use of other fuel any there was designed on them earlier. For example, such enterprises as aluminous plant (RUSAL), the beer factory (JSC Sun InBev Ukraine), combined heat and power plant and others", - was noted by Vladimir Bereznitsky.

Apropos for what term will suffice natural gas at the municipal enterprise in case of non-renewal of its giving, the chief of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" answered the following.

"Well, in - the first that means before giving restoration.Now Ukraine makes gas production from own subsoil, and gas which was pumped in storages is used. Therefore before the termination of a heating season of "Nikolayevteplooblkomunenergo" of gas will suffice. Another thing is that it is necessary to pay for consumed gas, and many consumers of it don't do.

Today for December payment for heating makes only 70 percent. Naturally it abnormally therefore such consumers, in case of debt not payment, will be disconnected first of all", - was told by the chief of the municipal enterprise.

We will remind that at present Nikolayevshchina was ahead of schedule on reduction of consumption of gas almost three times. First of all, reduction of consumption of gas concerned such large enterprises - NGZ, "the Dawn - Mashproyekt", "VOZKO".


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