The enterprises of the Nikolaev area are restored to usual to "gas life", and the population in general felt nothing

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Every other day - two enterprises of area will return to former volumes of consumption of gas, and "gas wars" in general weren't reflected in the population in any way and won't be reflected. About it reported in a press - service JSC Nikolayevgaz.

According to the message a press - enterprise services, the Nikolaev area didn't suffer from "gas wars". The enterprises reduced gas consumption, but after gas start-up "gas life" will return to Europe into place - since January 12 the South - Cement" started working ", and "NGZ", GP NPKG "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt", "VOZKO" will soon return to former volumes of consumption of natural gas, speak in "Nikolayevgaz".

As for the population, in our area a swagger - poshes weren't - any settlement didn't remain without gas as it was in some regions.

There was no change in daily work of the enterprise, assure of "Nikolayevgaz", - subscriber books exchange, and receipts on payment for the consumed natural gas soon will carry to addresses. If to speak about tariffs, after a December rise in price for 35% while for the population nobody speaks about new gas price.


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