In the Nikolaev area the unemployed is given active social support

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Due to financially - the economic crisis in the country at the end of 2008 in the Nikolaev area observed significant increase in number of the unemployed. For 2008 56 692 persons that made 76,2% of the total number of unoccupied citizens, from among those who addressed in an employment service for receiving special social services had the status of the unemployed. As reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional employment service, the help with unemployment past year was received by 46 258 people (62,2% of the total number of unoccupied citizens).

At the expense of Fund of obligatory state social insurance more than 9 thousand UAH were spent for an unemployment case in December, 2008 to the aid on unemployment. The average extent of the help counting on one unemployed made 549,36 UAH that is adequate 82,1% of the established level of a living wage.

Besides social payments, the unemployed by an employment service is given also other help. For example, special public works which help those who is in a condition of unemployment a long time are organized, to renew labor skills, and also are opportunity to improve the financial position.

So, for 2008 more than 15 thousand people that is 8,7% more than in 2007 took part in public works.

Also for satisfaction of need of citizens in workplaces, and employers in workers of necessary professions, the employment service organizes special training, retraining and professional development of jobless citizens.

Last year in educational institutions of all types had training, retraining and increased qualification of 7348 citizens from among the unemployed that is 4,8% more, than for 2007.

Upon termination of vocational training more than 6 thousand were employed.unemployed. The general level of employment of the unemployed upon termination of special vocational training made 88,3%.


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