Euroexperts were personally convinced that gas isn't sent by Russia, but continue to accuse stupidly both parties

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The European experts got on Tuesday evening full access to dispatching halls of "Gazprom" and "Naftogaz", but only noted that gas on pipelines observed by them doesn't go west from Russia, the European Commission representative reported.

Earlier on Tuesday he accused the Russian and Ukrainian companies that they don't let observers in dispatching halls where information on gas passing is displayed.

"The situation with observers improved", - declared a press - the secretary of executive body of EU Johannes Laytenberger.

Other European Commission representative Ferran Tarradelyas Espuni confirmed that the international experts "have now full access to dispatching halls where there are supervision screens".

"Russians directed this morning (on Tuesday) a little bit gas to the only point (transit), then pressure fell, and more than anything on a pipe doesn't arrive. Any molecule of gas as our observers stated, it isn't sent to other point of transit", - he noted.

According to him, two European observers are in a dispatching hall of "Gazprom" in Moscow and six - in "Naftogaz" hall in Kiev.

"This big disillusionment, also can't be any justification to a further tightening of problems... The third countries don't fulfill the obligations to the European enterprises. There are no bases to claim as if gas in the European Union can't be put", - Y. Laytenberger told at a briefing.


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