Activists of FPU began elimination of legal illiteracy of the population in the labor legislation

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Due to the economic crisis in the Nikolaev area total unemployment grows. Mass dismissals of workers which proceed and in new year (only since January 1 in the Center of employment 57 dismissed inhabitants of Nikolaev addressed), form quite unfavourable picture. So, in December the Nikolaev area was included in the five of areas of Ukraine with the greatest number of the unemployed.

Certainly, generally it is connected with an economic crisis, however a time of people dismiss without the lawful bases on that.

So it developed that we, Ukrainians, not always are able to stand for ourselves even if we defend the legitimate interests. Often simple lack of information on how it is necessary to fight against illegal dismissals is the reason of a similar order of things. After all many years in our state there are such structures which are urged to protect the rights of people of a certain profession. It is a question of labor unions - in this organization and workers in case of problems have to treat employers. However recently functions of labor unions were reduced generally to simple redistribution of sanatorium permits and "дерибана" trade-union resources.

And in that today there was such unfavourable situation with the unemployed there are also their wine. The matter is that by old labor unions it wasn't conducted any it is information - explanatory work. After all there is a legislation on labor unions, their rights and functions. But, as it appeared, today this law is almost inaccessible to ordinary citizens. Having walked on bookstores of Nikolaev in which legal literature is on sale, we didn't find on shelves this law - practically, it isn't present on sale. On official - a site of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine where all acts of our supreme legislative body are stored, this law too to find a web it is very problematic.

The updated labor unions - Federations of labor unions of Ukraine decided to correct this situation.On an initiative and with support of Federation the brochure in which recommendations are printed how to protect the rights in case of a wrongful dismissal was published.

Everyone can find in this book not only the Law of Ukraine "About labor unions, their rights and guarantees of their activity", but also explanations to it, and also it is a lot of useful information how such association of citizens as the labor union can help with a real situation. Whether the labor union can help with the solution of housing problem, protect health of the worker and provide it a worthy salary and pension? Whether will help to restore justice at violation by the employer of working conditions? To provide cultural development, rest and comfort in a life of the worker? Answers to these questions can be found in the new brochure.

The chairman of the Nikolaev regional Federation of labor unions of Ukraine Igor Makhinya considers that in the circumstances, first of all, it is necessary to provide to people as much as possible information on existing mechanisms of protection of the rights in the conflicts to the employer.

According to him, exactly for this purpose this brochure also extends. "Citizens have to know functions of such structure as labor union. The professional association of citizens is urged to solve a set of questions which arise not only during work, but also in a life. That today this mechanism in Ukraine doesn't work partly is connected with insufficient knowledge of the population of functions of labor unions, the purpose of their creation and functioning, and also a legal basis of their activity. Understanding, educational campaign is how necessary today, activists of FPU distribute these brochures free of charge at the enterprises and city institutions. Everyone will be able to study now the legislation on labor unions, to study real situations with which professional associations can help and defend the rights in case of need", - I. Makhinya declared.


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